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Underwater & Fountain Lights

•Submersible •Cast-Brass •LED •Halogen

Your Ideal Fountain Lights

Pools and fountains may look great during the day, but they can look bland and dreary without any lights at night. Add some ambiance to your outdoor spaces with our submersible fountain lights. You’ll find a wide range of options to enhance your home.

In addition to lights, we have pumps, junction boxes, and mist makers. Turn your fountain or pool into a beautiful night display for visitors.

Why Fountain Lighting

If you’ve been looking for >somewhere to buy underwater fountain lights>, look no further. We have some of the best products available at amazing prices.

Improved Aesthetics

Use our lights to highlight the fountain’s architectural beauty or create glowing arcs of water with the addition of nozzles. It will illuminate its surroundings, providing you with a decorative piece that’s sure to draw everyone’s attention.

Great Value

Save money on lighting by ordering from AQLighting Group. Use our special discounts to get the most value out of your investment. You’ll also avoid high maintenance costs by investing in durable products.

Enhanced Safety

Sure, you could install some powerful lamps to enhance everyone’s safety at night, but they’re relatively bland compared to a lit-up fountain. These >submersible lights> give you a convenient yet beautiful way to illuminate your outdoor space.

Expert Advice

Choosing the right lights for your pool or fountain can be challenging. You need to consider the color, intensity, placement, and what works with the rest of your outdoor space. Ensure you make the best lighting decisions with help from our industry experts.

Ways to Use Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting can be used with all kinds of fountains:

Sculptural Fountains

This is perhaps the most obvious way to use underwater lighting. Use it with a sculptural fountain to bring highlight the main focal point. This will make it look significantly more dramatic and eye-catching than natural light.

Floating Fountains

You can fit lights to a floating fountain’s floatation device, and it’s almost a waste if you don’t. You can easily see it devices during the day. However, it’s practically invisible at night, and the lights strengthen the illusion that water is magically spouting out from nowhere.

Dancing Fountains

Combine coordinated nozzles, changing light colors, and maybe some music, and you’ve got a spectacular show. Remember that you’ll also need advanced software and a skilled technician to put this all together.

Water Curtains

Water curtains are one of the most modern fountain designs. Lights complete their look, turning them into a dynamic, delicate, and dazzling display.