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What is Voltage Drop?

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Voltage Drop
Voltage drop is caused by the resistance in the wire. So if your transformer is putting out 12 volts, your first few fixtures will receive proper voltage but because of the load and wire resistance your last few fixtures may not receive adequate voltage.

3 Factors that determine Voltage Drop:

- Gauge of wire
- Length of run
- Amount of load (add up total wattage of all fixtures)

How to Battle Voltage Drop:

Increase the gauge of wire - thicker wire can handle more wattage and longer distances with less voltage drop. Check out our 12 Gauge NSC Connectors for this solution.

Put less fixtures (less wattage) on each run from the transformer. Example; If you have 20 fixtures instead of running them on 1 run from the transformer you could run it on 2 or even 3 runs. The first run could be all the fixtures closest to the transformer. The 2nd run could be the fixtures in the middle and the 3rd run are the fixtures furthest away from the transformer.

Have multiple transformers throughout your yard. This will allow for shorter runs.

Prepare for your application using a voltage drop calculator:

Note: If the voltage at the end of your run is less than 10V, we recommend taking action with the voltage drop solutions above.