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LED String, Rope, and Tape Lights

Durable and Beautiful

You need lighting if you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces and structures. However, you can’t use just any product, as they can become a safety hazard if they can’t withstand extreme heat or cold. Ensure your safety with our high-quality LED rope lights.

Use our products to create beautiful mood and accent lighting. These dimmable, energy-saving LED rope light kits will brighten up your crown molding, deck, or gazebo. You’ll get all the accessories you need for your next project.

Our rope lights are available in spools up to 150 ft long, and they can be cut according to your requirements. We also offer string and tape lights.

String, Rope, and Tape Light Differences

String lights have bulbs hanging from one long wire. Meanwhile, a plastic tube encases a rope light’s bulbs. Visually, string lights look like suspended individual bulbs, while rope lights collectively look like glowing beams.

Tape light is similar to rope light. However, they’re flat instead and have an adhesive backing, making them easy to install and conceal.

How to Use Your Lights

Install your string, tape, or rope lights where you want to add accents to your home. Here are some ideas for ways to use them.

Word Art

If you’ve got confidence in your art skills, you can create cursive word art with our rope lights. Keep in mind that, while flexible, sharp or repeated bending may damage the plastic tubing.

Decorate Outdoor Spaces

Hang and drape string lights along your outdoor structures to create cozy relaxation and entertainment spaces. They’ll add charm and a warm glow to your gazebo, pergola, patio, or deck. You can also use them to create a perimeter fence around garden beds.

Backlit Effects

Rope and tape lights are great for adding backlighting inside your home. Install them underneath cabinets and behind headboards, TVs, and so on. You’re sure to wow guests.


Wrap rope lights around railing both inside and outside your home. It’s not just pretty, it’s also a fantastic nightlight to increase safety.

Enhance Your Space

Relaxing Ambiance

Decorate your indoor and outdoor spaces with our rope lights. Increase visibility, highlight landscaping elements and architectural features, and impress your visitors.

Weather Resistant

Our products are tested for fire and electrical safety. Prevent accidents and ensure everyone has a good time with our highly durable lights.

Expert Advice

Decorating with rope and string lights can be tricky. Get expert advice from our team by scheduling a free consultation. They’ll provide options and recommendations to help you out.