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Gooseneck Barn Lighting

All About Gooseneck Barn Lights

Gooseneck barn lights are known for their classic vintage design that has been around for more than a century. They can instantly elevate any decor and provide a stylish yet eye catching lighting for your home or business. The gooseneck arm is modeled after the slender and sleek curved neck of a goose. The lamp shade uses a bell curve design which is timeless and creates a focused light output, perfect for directional lighting applications. Gooseneck barn fixtures are commonly installed on building exteriors, garage or home. Create eye catching illumination for storefront signs, doorways and more. Traditionally used for industrial lighting in warehouses and sheds, modern gooseneck barn lights are now commonly being used for commercial or residential settings as well.

Features of Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Lights

Main Features of Gooseneck Barn Lights

Although barn lights sport a vintage design, there are many features and technologies available today which can improve the overall performance compared to the original version. Some features to watch out for are: a jagged offset tooth design so you can change the angle of the shade to any position that you prefer. When you place the shade in the position, you can tighten the screw, so the shade stays in place no matter the weather conditions.

An improved mounting canopy design is also important for longevity and should include a rubber gasket to seal the entire system from the elements. Some canopy design will also allow for motion sensors and photocells to be installed, making your barn light suitable for security lighting applications. Finally it is important to make sure your gooseneck barn light comes with a reinforced arm that can withstand strong winds and rough weather. The gooseneck arm is usually the weakest point for cheaply made barn lights and can easily deform or bend due to wind gusts or rusting.

Where to Install Gooseneck Barn Lights?

Barn Light Installation

Most people choose gooseneck lighting fixtures due to their ultimate versatility, classic retro look, and the quality lighting they give. Even though they are called barn lights, these fixtures can actually be used anywhere! Some of the most common places to install barn lights include:

1. Garage

Barn Lighting for Garages

Gone are the days when homeowners used to neglect the lighting of their garage. Now you can stylishly illuminate your garage, farmhouse, sheds and more using vintage inspired goosneck light fixtures.

2. Commercial Settings

Commercial Application of Gooseneck Barn Light

Barn lights are also versatile enough for commercial applications such as illuminating storefront signs & entrances to catch the eye of passersby and attract potential customers.

Benefits of Barn Lighting for Your Homes

Barn Light Installation

Barn lights are great for vintage style decor but versatile enough for use in contemporary settings. Other benefits include:

  • Ideal for illuminating outdoor spaces
  • Create unique look and appearance which strike a balance between the chic and the rustic
  • Available in a various range of finishes and color so you can choose the look that best fits your building
  • Easy to maintain even after a prolonged period
  • Effortless to install

Whether you are a home or building owner, there are dozens of gooseneck barn lights with different colors, styles, and sizes to choose from. Make sure to follow the checklist on this guide to make sure you are getting the right gooseneck barn light for your exact needs.