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Wind Resistant Outdoor Gooseneck Lights

What to Look for in Gooseneck Lights

With versatile design elements that allow you to define precise areas you want illuminated, high-quality outdoor gooseneck barn lights, and gooseneck sign lights are wonderful exterior lighting products for residential and commercial applications, thanks to its wind-resistant properties, finishes that will not corrode or rust, eco-friendly LED options, and compatibility with.

Why is Wind Resistance Important When Choosing Outdoor Gooseneck Lighting?

Wind Resistant Qualities

Gooseneck lighting for the exterior or your home, office, or commercial building must be wind resistant for the safety of your property, and in order to safeguard your wallet. Poorly designed outdoor gooseneck lights will not withstand severe weather, resulting in potential damage to not only the fixture itself, but also to the surface it is mounted to. In extreme weather conditions, low quality outdoor lighting fixtures can potentially lead to exposure of electrical wires, which poses a safety hazard. When purchasing outdoor gooseneck barn lights, it’s crucial to review all product information to confirm its wind-resistance qualities.

Outdoor Gooseneck Barn Lights & Gooseneck Sign Lights

Outdoor Gooseneck Light Styles

Gooseneck lights are light fixtures which have an arm jutting from the base of the fixture, so that the light protrudes from the surface it is attached to (as opposed to being flush with the wall or recessed in the ceiling). Much like a flexible or custom showerhead, gooseneck lighting fixtures often feature a curved, swooping arm, though more modern gooseneck lighting products offer L-shaped or other angular designs.

Outdoor Gooseneck Lights for Your Home Office, or Commercial Property

Work and Home Applications

On the exterior of the home, outdoor gooseneck barn lights are often installed beside or above the front door, to illuminate the front porch, patio, or walkway. They may also be installed on outdoor sheds, guest houses, or barns--which is why they are referred to as “barn lights.” Outdoor gooseneck lighting is also commonly used above or beside garage doors and to provide ambient light for decks.

Gooseneck sign lights for businesses and commercial properties are used to showcase business signs, entrances, and exits all the while providing an attractive design aesthetic. As a reminder, it is important to ensure you select outdoor gooseneck lighting with wind resistant properties, if you’re planning to use this style of lighting for the exterior of your home or business. High quality wind-resistant gooseneck lighting will remain strong and secure regardless of the weather.

Gooseneck lights in homes are often installed in the ceiling, in walls near beds for reading lamps, and over bathroom/vanity mirrors.

Motion Sensors for Outdoor Gooseneck Lighting

Motion Sensor Attachment

Another reason that gooseneck lighting is an attractive and functional way to light your home, office, or commercial property is due to its customizable qualities, including compatibility with motion sensors. Indeed, when you choose to install gooseneck lights along with motion sensors, you have even greater control over your exterior lighting. That’s because you can choose the areas you want illuminated, and you can rely on those areas being immediately illuminated upon detecting motion. Pairing motion sensors with gooseneck lights can be a great safety measure to help prevent break-ins at your home, office, or commercial space.

Styles and Accessories for Gooseneck Lights

Different Types of Accessories

Outdoor gooseneck barn lights for homes and businesses are available in dozens of shapes, styles and finishes, with one socket, or multiple sockets for bulbs. Gooseneck sign lights and outdoor gooseneck barn lights with weather-resistant finishes such as brass, are known for their ability to withstand even the harshest elements without corroding or rusting. Many gooseneck lights are also designed to use LED bulbs that when paired with a dimmer, can increase energy savings and support the efforts of eco-friendly businesses.