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Low Voltage (12V) 2-Wire LED Rope Lights

LED • Dimmable • Flexible • Energy-Saving

Versatile Lighting Options

It can be difficult to create mood and accent lights with your usual lighting fixtures. For those, you need some versatile and adjustable. You need our low-voltage LED rope lights.

Find a wide range of high-quality products at our shop. We made these low-voltage rope lights with the best components available on the market. They’re long-lasting and safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you’re concerned about how much LED rope lights cost, don’t worry. You can get them now at special pre-sale prices to help you stay within budget.

Additionally, these LED rope lights have a power consumption of only 0.8 watts per foot. Purchase them along with a low voltage transformer, and you’ll lower your energy bills even more.

How to Install Rope Lights

Follow these steps to install your rope lights safely:

  1. Measure the length of where you plan to install your rope lights.
  2. Nail plastic cable clips along where your rope lights will be. You’ll need one clip every four to six inches. (Nail them only halfway, so you have enough room to slide the lights in).
  3. Slide the rope lights in and nail the cable clips down. Make sure to not to crush plastic tubing or the LEDs as you do.
  4. Plug your lights in (you may need an extension cord). Turn them on and enjoy.

Remember to follow a product’s safety instructions when installing to avoid harm.

Where Can You Install Your Lights

Low voltage LED rope lights are incredibly versatile. You can install them in various areas for mood and accent lighting.

Gardens, Backyards, and Courtyards

Edge flower beds with rope lights or hang them along fences. You’ll turn your garden or yard into a welcoming, charming outdoor living space. You could also wrap them around trees for added ambiance.

Gazebos and Pergolas

Rope lights make for great accent lights for gazebos and pergolas. Install them into the inner perimeter of the roof. Don’t do this during winter, though, as the cold temperatures might cause the tubing to snap as you bend them.

Decks and Porches

Wow your guests by wrapping rope lights along your deck’s railing or your porch’s posts. You’ll also increase visibility and decrease the risk of someone tripping or missing a step.

Word Art

With a bit of creativity, you can turn rope lights into word art. Remember that while they’re pretty flexible, they may break if you bend them too sharply.