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Tips for Making the Most of Your Sign Lighting

Sign lighting can be used to add a wow factor to your business, by boldly illuminating your storefront, providing added security, or showcasing a custom business sign. But it can also be used to create a specific ambiance in your home, by welcoming visitors to settle in at your bar for a cocktail, enjoy the view from your patio, usher you into a home theatre, or signify entrance into your home’s “man cave.”

In other words, sign lighting can be used as not only a powerful aesthetic tool, but can support brand awareness of your storefront, or create a custom environment in and around your home. In order to maximize the statement that your storefront lights will ultimately make, there are some best practices for making sure your lighting is effective.

Things to Consider When Planning Sign Lighting

Things to Consider for Sign Lighting

Before you purchase Gooseneck sign lights for your storefront, you’ll need to spend some time planning the look that you are aiming to achieve. Consider asking yourself: “What do I most want to achieve with my sign lighting?”

For example, are you most interested in using your storefront lights to achieve an uplighting effect, for aesthetic value, or are you more drawn to a downlighting effect for added security? Your goals will be important to consider when choosing the shade design of your sign light (angled, shielded, traditional farmhouse, trough style, exposed bulb style, bullet head style, etc.). It’s important to remember that the shape and design of the shade, will affect the amount of light output, and the direction of light output.

Furthermore, do you want the lights to stand out on their own, or do you want fixtures to blend in with the building? This will be important when determining the type of mounting and accompanying canopy cover that will best achieve your goals. Finally, do you want to your storefront or business awash in light all the time, or at specific times or when activated? This will be important so that you know whether to make sure that you can upgrade to include features such as motion sensors, and/or solar photocells.

Next, you’ll also want to consider the type of light source that will best achieve your design, and budget goals. LED storefront lights for example, have a longer service life than other bulbs, whereas compact fluorescent will provide energy efficient lighting. Incandescent lights may provide the greatest illumination but aren’t as energy efficient. Take all of these decisions into consideration before you begin shopping for the perfect sign lights.

Gooseneck Lights for Sign Lighting

Types of Gooseneck Storefront Light

Once you’ve determined the lighting effect you want, how noticeable you want the lights, and what type of light source (bulb) will create your desired effect, it’s time to focus on style. One of the most popular means of lighting signs is through Gooseneck sign lights. Available in dozens of finishes, with styles ranging from vintage to modern, and shades available as angled, dome, found, and conical, barn lights are often the outdoor sign lights of choice for restaurants, bars, retail shops, and more. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that they are also notoriously durable, crafted to be weatherproof, wind-resistant and rust-resistant.

How to Set Up Effective Sign Lighting

Setting Up Gooseneck Sign Lights

To effectively light your business sign or your storefront, you’ll need to determine the best location for your lights (spacing), and the direction the light needs to aim. To ascertain where the lights should be placed, determine how much space you actually have to work with, to ensure that the sign lights are positioned so as to have even light distribution. You may choose to adhere to setback guidelines, which suggest that the sign lights should be as far away from the area to be lit, as the size of the area you’re lighting. For example, if you’re aiming to light an 8-foot sign, you’ll want the light to be positioned roughly 8 feet away.

Effective sign lighting will result a welcoming invitation to your business, or to specific areas of your home. It can be used to draw the eye from the road, thus increasing curb appeal. With varying arm lengths, shades, mounting capabilities, styles and colors, you’re able to truly customize your look, to create functional sign lighting to bring your home or business to life after the sun sets.