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12V Brass Open Face Submersible LED Pond Lighting Mini Spotlight w/ NSC - OUW-707-L

3.00 LBS
$7.01 OFF
Fixture Quantity required
# of 3FT Jumpers
# of 6FT Jumpers
# of 15FT Jumpers
# of 30FT Jumpers
# of 3FT Power Connectors
# of 15FT Power Connectors
# of 30FT Power Connectors
# of T Connectors
# of X Connectors required

Note: For longer runs, some applications may experience Voltage Drop. Click to learn more.

N.S.C. System Connection Example

NSC Wiring System Connection Sample
The best submersible mini spotlight just got better; the PUDX-L-707 now incorporates the new N.S.C. wiring system, which eliminates the need for cutting and splicing your lighting systems. This new No Splice Connection system allows you to effortlessly expand your underwater fountain light system (if required), guarantees water tight IP68 rated connections, and is completely tool-free. The 2-pin connection system decreases the amount of time needed to connect your fixtures to power, eliminates the need for an expensive junction box and ensures polarity consistency (useful for DC applications). Add all of this to the sheer ruggedness of cast brass and the adjustable aiming mounting base and you have the best mini fountain light available.

N.S.C. Retrofit Adapter Diagram

To retrofit this fixture to your existing lighting setup, simply use our retrofit adapter (available as additional option) and you can easily connect your new fixture without splicing any wires, saving you a lot of time during installation!

pudx-707-01-45981.jpg Solid Cast Brass Body, Cover and Mounting Base:
We designed the PUDX-L-707 fixture with longevity in mind. The underwater fountain light is made from solid cast brass materials that will never rust or corrode and protect against the hazards of the outdoors. Please be aware that when using underwater fixtures, you must avoid using strong acid chemicals in that body of water as it will destroy the fixtures. For more detailed information, please click here.
pudx-707-02-98884.jpg Solid Brass Mounting Base
Solid brass surface mounting base houses the hand adjustable swivel which allows you to control your lighting angle and mount your fixture to any flat surface.
No Splice Wiring System Compatible Logo No Splice Connection Wiring System
No more cutting, no more wire-stripping, no more splicing with AQLighting's new IP68 connection system. At the end of each lead is a watertight connection that plugs into your submersible pond light wiring system and screws tight to ensure polarity consistent contact. Wiring a fixture to power now takes ~5 seconds, which cuts down on time and labor and the nature of the wiring system makes it easy to service fixtures or add more fixtures.
Material Cast Brass
Voltage 12V AC/DC
Socket Type G4 JC Bi-Pin
Bulb Type MR11
Power Rating 20w Max
Wiring 8" N.S.C. 2-Pin Lead
Mounting Surface Mounting Base
Dimensions Coming Soon

Dimensions Diagram:


The most common cause of damage in submersible pond & fountain lights are due to user error during installation. Therefore it's crucial to choose high quality fixtures that offer multiple safeguards from user error and a strong build construction to maximize the fixture's longevity.

For more info, please view our leak prevention guide:

Intro to NSC (No Splice Connection) Systems

Product Showcase - Underwater Spotlights

How to Use The No Splice Connection (NSC) System

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