24V LED Underwater "Mist Maker" LED Light Puck - DH-24B

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"Mister" LED Underwater Puck
The AQLIGHTING "Mist Maker" LED underwater lighting puck creates both color lighting effects and mist in a single light fixture. 12 colored LED diodes occupy the outer ring of the puck and automatically cycles through animated lighting effects to create a dynamic underwater light show. A ceramic disk located in the center of the puck, which oscilates at ultrasonic frequencies to produce mist or light fog. The misting function on the DH-24 improves air quality by freshing the air and acting as a passive humidifier. Add a drop of scented oil and the "Mist Maker" will diffuse the scent into the air, making the entire room radiate wonderful fragrence. Included with the LED underwater puck is a UL listed 24V plug-in transformer, with 6' of attached cabling. Make sure to place the transformer inside a waterproof cover box for outside applications. Please be aware that when using underwater fixtures, you must avoid using strong acid chemicals in that body of water as it will destroy the fixtures. For more detailed information, please click here.

Please Note: when using the DH-24, only tap water is required! Pure or distilled water does not register on the automatic shut-off sensor which turns off the fixture in the even of low water levels. If used while not submerged, the risk of burn out is extremely high. Make sure the water is at least 2cm (3/4") above the water sensore bar (the black arch located on the puck).
dh-24-led-underwater-mister-puck-light.jpg Incredible Lifespan:
The DH-24B LED underwater light and fogger has an enormous lifespan, clocking in at 100,000 hours. The 12 diodes automatically activates the lighting effects, cycling from full illumination to colored cycles and back. The light reflects off the mist, creating a colored fog which looks amazing in low level lighting conditions.
dh-24-led-underwater-mister-puck-light-colors.jpg Polished Chrome Plated Metal:
Crafted from high quality polished chrome plated metal, the AQLIGHTING DH-24B underwater light is designed to last in the tough outdoor environment.
  • 1 X LED-DH-24b Light/Mister Unit with 12 Super Bright LED's
  • 1 XPlug-in Transformer
One year limited warranty against defects in construction.
Voltage 24V AC
Light Source 12 Colored LED Diodes (4 Red / 4 Blue / 4 Yellow)
Power Draw 10w Max
Diode Type SMD
Fogging Assembly Ceramic Disk
Transformer 24V Plug In Class 2 Transformer
Gasket In Line Water Tight Rubber Weal Seal Gasket
Fixture Weight 1.50 lbs.
DH-24 Mist Maker LED Puck Light Wiring Lengths

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