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12V Halogen 3 Puck Light Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting Fixture Kit - IUCK-CPH

1.75 LBS
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3 halogen puck light kit takes traditional halogen lighting and combines it with easy surface mounting installation for the perfect under cabinet kitchen lighting system. Able to mounted to just about any surface or in a recessed capacity, these puck lights are designed to be plug-and-play. The transformer plugs directly into any regular wall socket and connects directly to each of the 3 puck lights to create a string of circular lighting with its hammerhead full cup reflector. Compatible with AQL's supply of JC Bi-Pin LED light bulbs, you have the ability to achieve high energy savings for your kitchen. Contact the AQL sales team to see what our LED technology can do for you. Included with the kit is 60w plug in electronic transformer to power your system, which features a 6' cord.

Halogen Under Cabinet Puck Light CPK1

Tried and True Lighting

The CPK1 features traditional halogen light bulbs to create wide areas of inviting lights.Powered by 20w halogen JC Bi-Pin light bulbs and paired with our hammerhead reflector, all the light from each bulb is directed downwards to increase the maximum light output of the system.


Surface Mounting Cup

Mounting cup features 2 knockouts for different wiring options and comes with 2 mounting screws for cabinet and surface installations. Remove the cup from the bottom of the puck and mount to the desired surface with the included screws, then snap the puck back into the mounting cup after feeding the wiring through the side knockouts.

Compatible with Most Wall Dimmers (Sold Separately)

Get complete control of your lighting by connecting this puck light kit to any standard wall dimmer to create full task lighting or low mood lighting.

Puck Specifications

Material Die-Cast Aluminum Body
Voltage 12V
Socket Type UL Certified JC Bi-Pin (E230758)
Power Rating 20w Max
Bulb Temperature Clear Halogen
Diffuser Clear Tempered Glass Lens
Mounting Surface/Recessed Mounted
Wiring Lengths 10" Lead Wire per Puck
Specification Sheet Download
White V2 Specification Sheet Download

Transformer Specifications

Transformer Type Halogen Class 2
Input Voltage 120V AC 60Hz 0.63A
Output Voltage 11.5V 6.5A
Capacity 60w Max
Wire Length 6' Power Cord / 5" Lead to Connector
Certifications UL Listed / Dry Locations Only



Surface Applications

  1. Remove the mounting cup and pull out the front lens assembly unit.
  2. Using the supplied screws, mount the mounting cup on the panel and run the wire through the channel at the bottom of the mounting cup before the unit is attached in place. Pull wires at the same time while pushing the unit into the mounting cup
  3. If the wires are to be hidden behind the panel, drill a 3/4" hole to allow the connector to go through, secure the mounting cup with the screws supplied and insert the unit back in.
  4. Use the supplied connector with every puck light to connect the unit to the transformer. Harness and press the connector until it locks.
  5. Using the double-sided tape provided, attach the transformer to the desired location
  6. The in-line switch supplied can be installed on the wire going from the transformer to the plug.
  7. Plug the transformer into the power outlet

Recessed Applications:

  1. Drill a 2 1/4" diameter hole in the desired location.
  2. Remove and dispose the mounting cup supplied
  3. Insert the wire and the connector to the hole and push in the puck light assembly until the unit is flush with the panel.
  4. Use the supplied connector with every puck light to connect the unit to the transformer. Harness and press the connector until it locks
  5. Using the double-sided tape provided, attach the transformer to the desired location.
  6. The in line switch can be installed on the wire going from the transformer to the plug.
  7. Plug the transformer into the power outlet


  • The Class 2 transformer has a maximum load of 60 watts
  • Connect all the puck light connectors to the multi-tap hub
  • Press the connector until it snaps into place
  • Connect the transformer to power
Please Follow these Cautions:
  • Do not install this product on aquariums or plastic cabinets
  • Check to make sure that they system wiring does not interfere with existing wiring
  • These units product extreme heat that might affect the specific finish of the mounting surface
  • Power should be disconnected and the bulb should be cool before replacing the lamp or touching the lens, guard or enclosure
  • Remember: this lighting fixture is HOT! The bulb gets hot very quickly!
  • Avoid looking directly into the lamping
  • Distance the fixture from any combustible materials
  • Avoid contact with the bulb at any time. Use a soft cloth when touching the bulb. Oil from skin contact can damage the bulb
  • The puck light should not be operated if the lens is missing or damaged

A qualified personnel is intended to install this equipment. The installation must be made in accordance with the current edition of the National Electrical Code and all applicable state and local building codes. The appropriate, qualified electrical / building inspector(s) must approve the final installation. Improper installation may result in a fire or electrical hazard. Be sure to disconnect the electrical power to the circuit before installing this electrical system.

5 Reviews

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  • 4
    Well made with very minor issues

    Posted by David Shaw on Dec 12th 2020

    Very well made, metal housing and extra room for slightly larger two pin bulbs. Overall well pleased but the wires are real short so you will need some wire connectors and a crimping tool. Also, the put the transformer on the end of the cord close to the lights rather than the plug in which was inconvenient in my use but may work for you. Other than the not well thought out wire leads, very pleased. Has punch outs on top and side of housing giving versatility on how you install.

  • 2
    12v halogen 3 puck u der cabinet kit

    Posted by Alan Rossin on Mar 21st 2019

    Disappointed with product. There is only a short lead for each lightnthereby extremely restricting the placement. On the lights. This information was not conveyed in the product description

  • 5
    Lighting under cabinet

    Posted by Marvin on Mar 1st 2019

    Excellant product easy to install would recommend them

  • 4
    12v Halogen Puck Light

    Posted by Phil on Apr 27th 2018

    Very simple to install. Since these are Halogen lights they get quite warm. I bought a dimmer and by running the lights about half-brightness, the heat is very much reduced. They are a nice addition to my counter work area.

  • 4
    3 puck lights are very brite and hot! Be careful not to do what I did to test them. I SET THEM ON A CHAIR and plug in and they worked so I unpluged and they had burned into the soft chair seat that fast. Great lights that I hope will last. Just take

    Posted by Gary S. on Jan 31st 2018