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12V 5" Composite In Ground Well Light w/ Brass Bi-Directional Cover - OIG-5B-MR2

12V 5" Composite In Ground Well Light w/ Brass Bi-Directional Cover - OIG-5B-MR2

1.00 LBS
$6.01 OFF
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Note: For longer runs, some applications may experience Voltage Drop. Click to learn more.

N.S.C. System Connection Example

NSC Wiring System Connection Sample

Our latest and greatest just got better; now introducing the PGC5B in ground lights family with premium cast brass open face cover design and N.S.C. system. Forged from premium cast brass, the PGC5B-BI covers boasts greater strength compared to traditional aluminum, allowing it to be used in areas with high foot traffic or falling debris without worrying about fixture damage. These covers come in standard black, beautiful electro-plated bronze and stunning raw brass finishes so your fixture can either blend into the surrounding environment or stand out and make a statement. The unique bi-directional "mushroom style" cover is ideal for pathway marker lighting, as observers are protected from bulb glare and the light is directed parallel to the landscape, highlighting standing landscape objects and improving walkway visibility. The brass cover also provides a higher level of protection from falling debris and impacts. Rated for 35w, the PGC5B is the perfect LED retrofit candidate and features an adjustable socket, allowing you to angle your fixture to get tricky high-angle lighting angles or straight up to hit even greater heights.

N.S.C. Retrofit Adapter Diagram

NSC Retrofit Wiring Diagram

To retrofit this fixture to your existing lighting setup, simply use our retrofit adapter (available as additional option) and you can easily connect your new fixture without splicing any wires, saving you a lot of time during installation!

No Splice Connection Wiring System Logo

No Splice Connection Wiring System

  • Leave the wire strippers in your tool box because with AQLighting's new N.S.C. system, you won't need them for installation.
  • Each point of contact is tool-free and can be connected in ~5 seconds. This wiring system will save you a ton of time and labor.
  • Should you desire more light fixtures in the future, the system is easily expandable.

Big Fan of Low Fan

  • Discrete, durable and highly versatile, the PGC5B-BI is a great addition to any landscape lighting application and creates beautiful two way marker lighting at a great price.
  • The bi-directional "mushroom" style cover reflects the light in polar opposite directions, great for marking garden pathways and lighting the edge of driveways.
  • The solid cast brass cover keeps the rest of the fixture safe from high levels of foot traffic.
No Splice Connection Wiring System Logo

Easy Expansion Capability

  • With the No Splice Connection (N.S.C.) wiring system, adding more light fixtures to your setup is a breeze. The system is designed to be easily expandable, allowing you to incorporate additional fixtures in the future without hassle.

Tool-Free Connections for Quick Installation

  • The No Splice Connection (N.S.C.) wiring system eliminates the need for wire strippers and complex splicing. Each point of contact can be connected in approximately 5 seconds without the use of any tools. This not only saves you time but also reduces labor and ensures a hassle-free installation process.
Material ABS Composite / Cast Brass
Voltage 12V AC/DC
Socket Type GU5.3 JC Bi-Pin
Bulb Type MR16
Power Rating 35w Max
Wire Lead 7.5" w/ NSC Plug
Dimensions See Below
Certifications IP65 Connection

Product Dimensions

PGC5B Fixture Body Dimensions Diagram

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