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Rope Light Spool

150ft Reel - Cool White LED Rope Light Kit - 120V Standard IP65 Waterproof

19.00 LBS
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AQLIGHTING brings you the best LED rope light on the market, this 2 wire LED cool white kit generates unbelievable lighting with minimal energy draw. Consuming only 0.8w per foot, this 120V LED rope light creates 80 lumens per foot, outshining the competition. UL listed for both indoor and outdoor applications, we've included UV protection on our spool, keeping ours as new as the day you bought it while rival products yellow in the sun. Fully dimmable and simple plug-in installation, the LED cool white spool is flexible enough for any lighting project but simple enough to be used by anybody. This LED rope light is field cuttable, allowing you to trim your spool down to your individual specifications in a matter of minutes. The cool white light output is quickly making it a fan-favorite for lighting display cases, accenting important landscape landmarks, creating indirect lighting with crown molding or lining walkways. A staple in the professional construction and design fields, you can find our cool white rope light being used in high-end casinos, high class hotel chains and theatrical cinemas across the United States.

LED vs. the Competition:

LED is much more friendly to your power bills as it uses significantly less energy than their incandescent equivalents. Where a typical rope light spool would use ~3 watts per foot, our LED cool white rope light uses only 0.8 watts per foot. For medium or large scale projects, that translates into huge savings on the monthly power bill. A secondary benefit of LED rope light is the amount of heat produced is greatly reduced, expanding the lifespan the product. Normal rope light uses incandescent bulbs enclosed in a PVC sleeve and incandescent lamps get very hot when left on for prolonged periods of time. LED generates very little heat, allowing the LED cool white spool to last 25,000+ hours. To get the same lifetime, you would have to go through ~2.5 incandescent rope light spools and that's not cheap.


Everyone uses rope light differently so we've created 3 accessory kits to better cater to our customers. Every roll of our LED rope light comes out of the box ready to go, but should you require the ability to create multiple smaller runs from your spool, you'll need more than just the basic roll.

Standard Kit

LEDROPEKITS-CW-STD LED Cool White Rope Light Standard Kit
  • LED Rope Light 150' Spool
  • 1x 2Ft 2 Wire Power Cord (Attached)
  • 1x 2 Wire Power Connector (Attached)
  • 1x 1/2" End Cap (Attached)

Premium Kit

LEDROPEKITS-CW-PREM LED Cool White Rope Light Premium Kit
  • LED Rope Light 150' Spool
  • 2x 2Ft 2 Wire Power Cord*
  • 2x 2 Wire Power Connector*
  • 2x 1/2" End Cap*
  • 100x Mounting Clips

Deluxe Kit

LEDROPEKITS-CW-DLX LED Cool White Rope Light Deluxe Kit
  • LED Rope Light 150' Spool
  • 3x 2Ft 2 Wire Power Cord*
  • 2x 6Ft 2 Wire Power Cord
  • 5x 2 Wire Power Connector*
  • 5x 2 Wire Invisible Splice Connectors
  • 5x 1/2" End Cap*
  • 150x Mounting Clips

*One comes installed on your LED rope light spool, the rest comes in the accessory kit.

How to Cut Rope Light

For information on how to cut 120v rope light, click here for our in-depth guide, or watch the video below.

  • Brilliant Cool White Illumination
  • UL Listed for Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • 25,000+ Hour Rated Lifetime
  • Fully Dimmable (with optional controller)
  • Flexible Tubing Design
  • Minimal Energy Consumption
  • UV Protected PVC Construction
  • Plug-In Power Cord
Material High Quality, UV Protected Polyurethane
Voltage 120V
Power Draw 0.8w Per Foot
Light Output 80 Lumens per Foot
Bulb Spacing 1"
Tube Diameter 1/2"
Outer Jacket Clear / Colored
Cuttable Marked Every 30"
Diode Type Horizontal Mounted LED
Color Temperature Cool White (5000-5500K)
Spool Length 150 ft
Rectifier Capacity 1.2A
Certifications cETLus Listed for Indoor/Outdoor Use
Specification Sheet Download

Product Dimensions:

LED Rope Light Kit Dimensions

How to Cut Rope Light

How to Install Power Cord

How to Install Compression Connector

How to Install Clear Connector

How to Install End Cap

How to Install Invisible Connector

Rope Light Accessories Guide

Troubleshooting Rope Light Accessories

Troubleshooting Rope Light Power Cord

Troubleshooting Rope Light

How to Cut Rope Light

Replacing a Section of Rope Light

Tips and Tricks on Mounting Rope Light

Tips on Rope Light Connectors

Frequently Asked Questions

150 Ft LED Rope Light Kit - 120V Standard IP65 Waterproof

Does this rope light come with the an attached power cable ready to plug in?

AQ Lighting offers a free service which allows you to speak with a Licensed Electrician, who could direct you to the proper fixture for your specific application. Call 800-865-7221 ask for the Tech. Dept. They are all licensed professionals and AQ Lighting offers this NEW service absolutely free!

Is this rope light a round tube or is it flat on the bottom?

While we carry both types at AQLighting, this rope light is round and emits light 360 degrees.

Can you connect 2 rope lights together? Which connectors to use?

Yes you can connect 2 ropes together - easy splice kit SKU: RAIV-LED - this is the 1/2 " invisible splice connector

Can I use a dimmer on a 70 foot continuous run? What dimmer do you recommend or sell?

Our DVCL-153P-WH dimmer would be compatible and it costs $39.99.

What is the actual diameter of this rope light?

This rope light is 1/2" diameter but we also carry 3/8" rope light.

Does this have a fuse?

Yes, this has a 5 amp buss fuse in the cord cap.

What dimmer switch would works with this set?

Any CFL/LED compatible dimmer switch works best with this rope light. We typically recommend the Lutron DVCL-153P or the Legrand Wattstopper RHCL453PTC.

This may be a silly question but when the connectors are added then at night you see a space that had no lighting. How do you eliminate this from happening

When 2 pieces of rope light are joined together with an invisible splice connector there is very little change in bulb spacing so there should be very little light fluctuation. In addition to the splice connector is a clear piece of heat shrink tubing. The tubing is installed over the splice and keeps the new joint weather proof. Because the tubing is clear it will also create very little light fluctuation. If you are using T, X or L connectors there may be a small dark spot which simply can not be avoided because the 1" bulb spacing may be interrupted.

How many rope light strands can be linked together?

Using an eight amp rectifier you will be able to go up to a total of 450 feet

Is this really a "do-it-yourself" job or will need to hire an electrician?

The kit has everything you need to install, making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts. As an added feature, AQLighting has licensed electricians on staff. It's an absolutely free service that we offer to our customers. Simply call us at (800) 865-7221 for more information!

Can the connectors be purchased separately?

Yes, we have a full line of accessories that are sold separately. Please try AQ Lighting's technical department at 800-865-7221 for installation questions.

Will this rope light fade in the sun after long exposure?

This rope light is UV protected which means it will take much longer to fade than the competition. After all, the sun is stronger than any man made protection!

What is the recommended screw size for the 1/2" mounting clip?

The mounting clip is designed for a #6 screw. The hole dimension is just a fraction over 1/8".

Can I use a dimmer with this product?

Most CFL and LED dimmer switch will be compatible with this rope light. We typically recommend the Lutron DVCL-153P or the Legrand Wattstopper RHCL453PTC.

What is the LED spacing of this rope light?

This rope light has a 3/4" LED spacing

Can this be cut for different lengths?

This rope light can safely be cut every 30 inches.

How many plugs does it come with?

Our standard rope light roll comes with 1 factory attached power cord, as well as an end cap. We have additional power cords and accessories are sold separately here at AQLighting.

Are these lights waterproof? I am plan to put them under my boat dock. They won't be submerged, but they will get wet for sure.

This rope light comes with an IP65 rating. The number "6" refers to it's protection against solids. In this case, the rope is considered "dust tight". The number "5" means it may get wet or oeven sprayed with light pressure, but should not be submerged.

Customer Submitted Photos

SLF3 Warm White Outdoor Installation

SLF3-WW Rope Light Pool Example

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51 Reviews

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  • 5

    Posted by George Custer on Sep 8th 2021

    Used for the rebuild of a VERY expensive Christmas tree - would love to attach a photo if I knew how. Only issue was with the very strong plastic smell from the coil of lights. Left out on the garage floor overnight and the odor became tolerable. Took awhile to spiral and attach 150' of rope lights, but it looks great.

  • 5
    150ft reel of Cool White LED Rope Light

    Posted by Mary C F on Jun 22nd 2021

    The delivery was quick, 2-3 days. I had to go online to get instructions & videos about cutting to size and assembling, but it was easy. The lights are bright, great. I will order again if I need more lights.

  • 5
    LED Cool White Rope Lights 150 ft reel

    Posted by Kathy on Sep 6th 2019

    The lights are fantastic especially with the dimmer. Rapid delivery- ordered on Thursday received on Saturday. Awesome service!!

  • 5
    Rope lights led

    Posted by Linda Thrush on Sep 4th 2019

    excellent product will buy again

  • 5
    Led light rope

    Posted by Yiming Zhu on Jul 16th 2019

    Shipping was fast and product is good

  • 5
    Rope Lighting

    Posted by Doug on Mar 27th 2019

    Delivered as promised, everything works well. Very easy to install. Highly recommend getting the dimmer, lights really enhance the beauty of our back yard. Will definitely recommend to friends and family

  • 5
    Rope Lighting

    Posted by Richard on Mar 11th 2019

    Very easy to work with. As a contractor will be using again.

  • 5
    Rope light

    Posted by Joeseph Robbins on Feb 28th 2019

    The whole process, from shopping, to delivery, to install, to set up, everything was the best experience ever. The lights are practically invisible. The 80 lumens per ft. is super bright. Buy this product!

  • 5
    Good Value for Money

    Posted by Kenny on Sep 15th 2018

    Timely Delivery. Product was received as ordered. All items in perfect condition. No Issues installing. Very good for accent lighting at home. Will Recomend friends and family. Very easy to install.