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Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Kitchen Overhead Lighting - 120V LED Light Bar - AQUC

3.00 LBS
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AQLIGHTING is proud to present the latest in dimmable led under cabinet kitchen overhead lighting. Designed by AQLighting's California team, this under cabinet kitchen lighting fixture will fit a variety of applications:
  • Latest ultra-high output chip-on-board technology offers ultimate energy savings, light output and consistent light output
  • Even Light Distribution Technology eliminates any hot spots on shiny and polished marble or granite
  • 2700K warm white color temperature with 90+ CRI, the absolute best in the industry
  • Dimmable LED light bar, tested and works with incandescent, magnetic low voltage and electronic dimmers, AQLighting recommends Lutron electronics dimmers.
  • High end extruded aluminum construction with easy access knock-outs and tempered glass lens
  • Hardwired or Plugged-In installation options
  • Energy Star pending (In final approval process), cETLus Certified
  • No heat output means no warping of cabinets
aquc led close up Our LED Technology:
  • Dimmable with most wall/box dimmers
  • Hi/Low switch for non-dimming applications
  • Warm White 2700K Color Temperature
  • 90+ CRI meets Title 24's requirement
  • Greater light output than comparable halogen/xenon fixtures
  • Even Light Distribution technology for perfectly uniform lighting
  • 50,000+ Hour Operational Lifetime
  • Energy Star qualified / cETLus certified
*The Lutron dimmer/switch offered with this product is available in a variety of colors to suit your design needs. Please call 1-(800)-865-7221 for alternative color options.
aquc-led-under-cabinet-light-bar-back-viewDesigner Looks, Affordable Price-Tag:
Designer styled fixtures usually cost an arm and leg, but in this case, you'll walk away with a top end under cabinet light bar with your wallet intact. Offered in designer colors of nickel and champagne, we designed it to measure less than 1 inch thick to be hidden from view but if you want to be able to see our light bar it will stand out as a fantastic looking fixture.
aquc-led-under-cabinet-light-bar-dissassembledHassle-Free Installation & Maintenance:
  • All components are accessible without removing the fixture from the cabinet
  • Knockouts located on top and back for easy hardwire installation
  • Hardwire easy access panel with quick connectors means no need for splicing or wire nuts
  • Our under cabinet lighting fixtures can be connected together in series up to 20 units
  • Ready Screw Technology means screws are already mounted in place and held in position. Just screw them into the cabinet
  • Jumper offered in different length allows you to run multiple units together without having to splice or hardwire each unit
AQUC-INCLUDED.jpg Power Cord and Romex:
  • Power Cords offered in either white or black to match your style preference
  • Jumpers offered in either white or black to match your style preference
  • Romex connection is heavy duty and allows for “to code” installations
    • 1x 3-foot power cord
    • 1x 12-inch jumper
    • 1x End-To-End Linking Connector
    • 1x Romex Connector
Material Extruded Aluminum / Glass Diffuser
Light Source Chip on Board LED
Voltage 120V
Power Draw (8")3w/ (12")4w/ (18")8w/ (24")14w/ (32")18w
Light Output (8")~265 Lumens/ (12")~350 Lumens/ (18")~530 Lumens/ (24")~710 Lumens/ (32")~945 Lumens
Color Temperature Warm White (2700K)
CRI >90
Mounting Surface
Wiring Hardwire / Plug In
Switch Controller High / Off / Low
Dimensions 8"/12"/18"/24"/32" Length X 3.625" Wide X ~1" Tall
Certifications Energy Star (pending) / ETL / cETL / 90+ CRI meets Title 24's requirements
Specification Sheet Download

AQUC Series: 120V LED Under Cabinet Light Bar Installation Instructions

Warning: These product may represent a possible electrical shock and/or fire hazard if improperly installed or attached in any way. Products should be installed in accordance with these instructions and with all current electrical codes and/or the current National Electric Code (NEC).

Caution: Injury to person(s), damage to the fixture, and/or mounting surface may result if the fixture is pulled from the surface improperly. To reduce the likelihood of such injury / damage, mount on a surface that is mechanically and structurally sound.

Use only a mild soap and/or water with soft cloth to clean the fixture as harsh chemicals will damage the light fixture. Do not wipe the fixture with a rough cloth as it may scratch the fixture and/or lens.

Installation Method: Direct Wire

A single fixture or the first fixture in a lighting run is attached directly to the house wiring.
  1. Remove the lens cover from the fixture by lifting its back edge up gently and rotating it towards the front of the fixture. See Figure 1.
  2. Punch out whichever knockout is best suited for connection to the 120V supply wires. Knockouts are located along the back and top of the housing. See Figure 2.
  3. Detach the cover of the wiring compartment by rotating the plastic screws. See Figure 3.
  4. Install cable clamp and connect fixture wires following the National Electric Code and local building requirements. See Figure 4. AC supply wires to fixture lead-wires: Black to Black, White to White, Green / Bare Wire to Yellow / Green (Ground)p inside the fixture. Secure each connection using the quick connector provided on the fixture lead wire. See Figure 5.
  5. Tighten the 2 captive screws to secure the fixture to the desired mounting surface.
  6. Replace the wiring compartment cover, securing the lip under the aluminum retaining tabs. See Figure 6.
NOTE: if your system has no ground wire, you should consult a qualified electrical technician before proceeding with the installation.
NOTE: Electric shock, overheating, low or no light output and/or shorten fixture life can result if proper grounding is not done.
NOTE: Be sure that the wires are not pinched or damaged by any part of the housing or cover.
AQUC Installation Guide Diagram A
AQUC Installation Guide Diagram B

Installation Method: Plug-In

A single fixture or the first fixture in a lighting run plugged into a nearby power outlet via power cord.
NOTE: Power cords are sold separately from the fixtures (must be added on)
  1. Remove the lens cover from the fixture by lifting its back edge up gently and rotating it towards the front of the fixture. See Figure 1.
  2. Determine the desired mounting location for the fixture.
  3. Tighten the 2 captive screws to secure the fixture to the mounting surface.
  4. Replace the lens cover by tucking the front lip under the front edge and pressing down firmly along its entire length until secure. See Figure 9.
  5. Insert the power cord into the INPUT end of the fixture.
  6. Plug the 3 prong grounded plug into a 120V outlet receptacle.

Mounting the Fixture

NOTE: Lens cover must be off.
  1. Determine the desired mounting location of the fixture and mark the location of the mounting holes (mark at the small end of each hole).
  2. Tighten the 2 captive screws to secure fixture to mounting surface.
  3. Replace the lens cover by tucking the front lip under the front edge and pressing down firmly along its entire length until secure. See Figure 7.

Connecting Multiple Fixtures Together

Plug ends of the end-to-end connector or interconnect linker wires into OUT power connection ports on adjacent fixtures. Fixture and connector ends are marked IN and OUT respectively; Be sure to route power in and out according to these markings. Up to 50 fixtures can be connected in series.

Linking Multiple AQUC Fixtures Together

Additional Safety Measures

  1. Do not look directly at LED light source
  2. Do not touch the LED diodes.
  3. To avoid electrical shock, do not turn on fixture(s) with missing or damaged lens(es).
  4. There are no serviceable parts inside the LED module; Do not attempt to repair the unit.
  5. The power cord and extension jumper cables are not serviceable. Inspect periodically and replace if damage is detected.
  6. RISK OF FIRE: keep fixtures away from curtains and other combustible materials.
  7. Suitable for indoor, dry locations only.
  8. This product is suitable for use in dimmable circuits. For best results (full range dimming), use a Lutron DV600P, DVCL-153P, DVEL-300P type dimmer switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under Cabinet Light Bar - AQUC

Is this hardwire install or does it come with a power cord?

The AQUC kitchen light bar can be purchased with a power cord or can be installed via hardwire.

Are LED Light bars compatible with a dimmer

Yes! This product can be paired with a dimmer for a smooth light output control.

Can I use this under bathroom cabinets too?

Yes, but this fixture is not rated for wet locations

What is the color temperature?

This LED light bar produces a warm white light

Does it have an on/off function?

Yes, it is installed with your electrical wiring system and can be turned on and off

How bright is this fixture or what is the light output like?

The AQUC LED light bar produces up to 945 lumens, depending on its size. The smallest light bar is 8" long and produces 265 lumens.

Can this be used over the kitchen range?

Although this light bar is not rated for wet locations, it can be installed over the cooking range as long as the steam and smoke are not directly hitting the light fixture.

Does this product come with a warranty?

Yes, the AQUC light bar comes with a one-year warranty.

Can I connect multiple light bars together for long countertops?

Yes, you can use jumper cables or hardwire to connect multiple light bars together. However, please make sure to not go over the suggested maximum wattage limit to avoid damaging the light fixture

Are the bulbs replaceable?

No, this fixture uses LED diodes which are not replaceable.

Does it come with power cord or hardwire?

This kitchen light bar can be ordered with a power cord or can be installed via hardwire.

Are the bulbs included?

Yes, the AQUC under cabinet lights comes with everything you need for a smooth installation.

How long does these lights last?

This LED kitchen light bar is rated for up to 50,000 hours or 4 years.

Does the light swivel or adjust?

No, the light output is in a fixed position.

Does this fixture get hot?

Since it uses LED light, the AQUC under cabinet kitchen light can run for hours without getting hot.

How to Install - Slim Undercabinet Light Bar

74 Reviews

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  • 3
    Led light damaged

    Posted by Lilian Shih on Jul 22nd 2021

    I bought two lights 4 years ago. After two years, one light star to twinkling periodically. It stopped a year ago. Now it returns to a flash light again. I'm not sure how the warranty covers the replacement. The quality of the led light is very unstable.

  • 4
    AQUC LED light

    Posted by Kevin Gaffney on Feb 1st 2021

    My 24" under counter light just arrived in perfect condition thanks to Levi's packing job. Overall I'm very satisfied with the light. I chose to go the plug-in route and it was very easy to install. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was, as other reviewers mentioned, the plug in connector feels a little flimsy (but is functioning okay, so far) and there is not much difference between the two light levels available..

  • 4
    Great Looking product! But, new light color is different.

    Posted by Davis on Sep 15th 2020

    I had bought 4 of these about 5 years ago to replace flourescent fixtures. They looked good and had a nice warm color that really looked good on my granite. I had left a couple of halogen puck lights over my stove top. One of them failed and I decided to continue LED. The new AQUC light fixture looks just like the old ones and has a rating of 2700K. However, when I finished the instalation, the light colors didn't match. The new fixture looked more yellow than the old fixtures. I had to swap out a single fixture across the room where it wouldn't be noticeable. So, beware if you are trying to match the light color on the old fixtures. Otherwise, the performance of the old fixtures has been great and they are a quality product.

  • 5
    Great Quality

    Posted by on Sep 7th 2020

    Just received my package of lights and very impressed with both the quality of the lights and how well Zack packed my order. Much better quality than what you find at the big orange and blue box stores.

  • 5
    Just what I was looking for!

    Posted by Steve on Aug 28th 2020

    After searching around online and at home improvement centers for under counter lighting, I settled on these lights. I needed a hard-wired option that was a dimmable LED light. These lights are also very well made with a glass diffuser that spreads the light softly and evenly. Installation was easy and customer service was first class. I highly recommend these lights!

  • 5
    Lights under cabinet in kitchen

    Posted by Bill Turner on Jul 27th 2020

    Rosie Aguilar was extremely helpful in finding the product I wanted. Super personal service

  • 5
    Replaced Florescent fixtures

    Posted by Pam R on Feb 10th 2020

    I was tired of replacing florescent bulbs every few weeks, so I bit the bullet and bought these fixtures in both 12" and 24" sizes. The fixtures look great. They're easy to install, have a low profile under the cabinet, and look great. Nice to be able to dim them -- didn't think I needed dimmable under-cabinet lights, but it's a nice thing. A couple of small gripes: I hardwired all of them--the knockouts didn't knock out without some bending. The clamps for the knockouts were too large for the holes already in my kitchen, so I bought 3/8" rubber grommets. I didn't buy the dimmer switch from AQ as it was overpriced by a lot. Great customer service (thanks Barb!).

  • 4
    High quality; wish the bright was brighter

    Posted by Trey Casimir on Feb 4th 2020

    Many before me have commented on the quality of these lights. What I would say is that, where I expected an "industrial" light, what I received was more like a stereo component -- sleek and stylish as well as functional. My only quibble is with the two light levels offered. One setting is very slightly dimmer than the other, but it would be nice to have a greater variation -- say, an "ambient" light and a serious "work" light. As it is, you get a choice of, say, a 55 watt light or a 60 watt light. I don't know the actual wattage, but they are very similar, and neither is as bright as I sometimes want for under cabinet work.

  • 5
    8 inch under cabinet lights

    Posted by doug on Oct 2nd 2019

    very nice lights , had a problem with one light called customer serv. they were great replaced light all good ,and would buy again A+++