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Shown Illuminated - 10" Length

12V Ultra Thin Dimmable LED White Under Cabinet Panel Kitchen Light Fixture Flush Mount - AQUC-UCL

1.00 LBS
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# of 6" Jumper(s)
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# of 36" Jumper(s)
# of 78" Jumper(s)
Integrated LED Panel Warm White 2700K 90 CRI Surface Mounted

AQLIGHTING always strives to be ahead of the competition and that drive is alive and well in our brand new 12V Ultra Thin LED Under Cabinet Panel Kitchen Light Fixture Flush Mount. Designed for those looking for something to fill those needs where kitchen tape light doesn't have the proper coverage with no harsh reflections from Diodes , and where an under cabinet kitchen overhead light bar won't fit. An integrated LED panel utilizes a fraction of the power traditional lights use in order to provide beautiful light throughout your home. Warming the mood around any area its placed in, this LED panel light outputs a radiant warm white glow at 2700K. Because this light uses a frosted polycarbonte diffuser with a LED panel instead of a bulb, you get a nice even light output with no hotspot. A high CRI of 90 allows the light output to more accurately represent colors in their truest form. Four rubber caps placed at on the corners cover the screw holes and can be simply removed allow for easy and quick installation onto any surface in your home, and with an IP65 rating you won't have to worry about damage from moisture and dust. Ideal for undercabinet surfaces, under counter surfaces, kitchens, garages, foyers, and any other area where you need more than LED tape light, but less than a LED under cabinet light bar. Available in different sizes to suit your design and lighting needs.


Energy Efficient Kitchen Lighting

  • Brand new to our already impressive line of LED under cabinet lighting, this ultra thin LED under cabinet panel utilizes the latest in integrate LED technology.
  • Using a fraction of the power of traditional halogen lighting, this LED panel light provides you with a beautiful, even light spread with a 2700K warm white glow.
  • The frosted polycarbonate lens diffuses the light to ease the strain on your eyes and the use of a LED panel instead of individual bulbs or diodes ensures there will be no spotting in your lighting arrangement.
  • The heavy duty plastic housing and the all metal back mounted heat sink make this light weight unit extremely durable.

Hassle Free LED Kitchen Cabinet Light Installation

  • Need more light output than LED tape light can provide? Do you have an area that would be great with lighting but an LED under cabinet light bar is too big for the space you have to work with? Then look no further than this ultra thin LED under cabinet panel light.
  • Designed to be both a unique and practical, this led panel light combines the best of both world. Each unit is linkable with jumpers just like LED tape light. This gives you a flexibility that you won't find in other units.
  • In addition to being linkable, this LED under cabinet panel light provides light output and coverage closer to that of a much larger LED undercabinet light bar.

Commercial Grade Indoor Lighting

  • In order to make sure that this LED panel light is ideal for any room in your home, it comes with an IP65 rating.
  • This means that the fixture is complete dust proof and can handle water short of high pressure blasts and submergence, making it a fantastic light for kitchens and bathrooms.
Voltage 12V DC
Power Draw 5w / 8w / 12w / 16w
Bulb Type Integrated LED Panel
Lumens 180Lm / 350Lm / 550Lm / 750Lm
Color Temperature Warm White (2700K)
Dimming Capacity Full Range w/ Magnetic/Electronic Dimmers
CRI 90+
Certifications cETLus Listed / IP65 Rated
Dimensions 5/16" H x 4 3/4" W x 10" / 16" / 22" / 30" L
Specification Sheet Download


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Frequently Asked Questions

Under Cabinet Light Bar - AQUC-UCL

Is this hardwire install or does it come with a power cord?

The AQUC-UCL kitchen light bar can be purchased with a power cord or can be installed via hardwire.

Are LED Light bars compatible with a dimmer

Yes! This product can be paired with a dimmer for a smooth light output control.

Can I use this under bathroom cabinets too?

Yes, but this fixture is not rated for wet locations

What is the color temperature?

This LED light bar produces a warm white light

Does it have an on/off function?

Yes, it is installed with your electrical wiring system and can be turned on and off

How bright is this fixture or what is the light output like?

The AQUC-UCL LED light bar produces up to 945 lumens, depending on its size. The smallest light bar is 8" long and produces 265 lumens.

Can this be used over the kitchen range?

Although this light bar is not rated for wet locations, it can be installed over the cooking range as long as the steam and smoke are not directly hitting the light fixture.

Does this product come with a warranty?

Yes, the AQUC-UCL light bar comes with a one-year warranty.

Can I connect multiple light bars together for long countertops?

Yes, you can use jumper cables or hardwire to connect multiple light bars together. However, please make sure to not go over the suggested maximum wattage limit to avoid damaging the light fixture

Are the bulbs replaceable?

No, this fixture uses LED diodes which are not replaceable.

Does it come with power cord or hardwire?

This kitchen light bar can be ordered with a power cord or can be installed via hardwire.

Are the bulbs included?

Yes, the AQUC-UCL under cabinet lights comes with everything you need for a smooth installation.

How long does these lights last?

This LED kitchen light bar is rated for up to 50,000 hours or 4 years.

Does the light swivel or adjust?

No, the light output is in a fixed position.

Does this fixture get hot?

Since it uses LED light, the AQUC-UCL under cabinet kitchen light can run for hours without getting hot.

Ultra Thing Undercabinet Light Product Showcase - AQUC-UCL

3 Reviews

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  • 5
    A happy wife is a happy life.

    Posted by Gil Schiavino on Sep 15th 2020

    Fantastic lighting especially using the correct dimmer and transformer.

  • 5
    Ultra Thin Cabinet Lights Great!

    Posted by Paul on May 30th 2019

    Just installed them - and their the best option I could find, especially for a 12V system. I had an existing 12V power supply - but it didn't work with LED lights, so I bought the correct one and all works great. I strung together three of them - and the lighting quality didn't change. They're easy to install, they're bright and being thin makes them perfect. Highly recommend.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by John on Mar 22nd 2018

    I bought two of these to replace under cabinet halogen puck lights in our kitchen. They are well constructed, easy to install, and provide warm-toned, bright light across the entire counter area. These aren't the cheapest LED lights out there, but they are worth it.