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Copper Outdoor LED Mini Area Light Custom Pro Kit, 6-Pieces, Bulbs and Accessories Included - OALK-PAM-1021-6-RC-CST

10.00 LBS
$125.01 OFF
Additional Fixtures
# of 3FT Jumpers
# of 6FT Jumpers
# of 15FT Jumpers
# of 30FT Jumpers
# of 3FT Power Connectors
# of 15FT Power Connectors
# of 30FT Power Connectors
# of T Connectors
# of X Connectors required

Note: For longer runs, some applications may experience Voltage Drop. Click to learn more.

This pro kit includes x6 raw copper LED area lights with mini shades and all the accessories you need for a quick & easy installation. Standing only 9.5 inches tall, these raw copper copper mini top area lights brilliantly provides 250 lumens of output per fixture. The frosted diffuser lens provide exceptional lighting and resolves the issue of bulb glare. These raw copper mini top area lights are a part of an all inclusive exterior light system AQLighting’s No Splice Connection (NSC) series. Each kit includes x6 NSC mounting stakes, x6 LED JC BiPin warm white bulbs, x5 NSC t-connectors, x5 NSC jumpers, x1 15ft power cord, and an outdoor rated 150w transformer. Install the entire outdoor light system without owning a pair of wire cutters. This 12v, LED system is designed with the DIY homeowner in mind, and saves an immense amount of time and energy. Enjoy a beautiful, welcoming entrance to your home with this LED mini top copper area light kit.


No Splice Connection

A system designed by a general contractor to empower homeowners to embrace their savvy ability to light up their own landscape without needing to bring in a professional.

  • Low voltage, 12v lighting connected with a plug and twist watertight IP68 rated seal.
  • Add additional fixtures without worrying about extra cabling or looping at each fixture.
  • Tool free installation saves excessive labor and makes it simple for the average homeowner to personally update their own lighting.
Unique Patina Copper

OTR-YLP-150 Transformer

  • Built out of heavy-duty ABS material rated for outdoor use to endure tough weather conditions.
  • Optional timers are available as well for further customized control.
  • The input this transformer takes is 120V AC 60Hz and has 3 output lines that provide 12V & 15V with a max power of 150-Watts.

Mini Design, Brilliant Output

  • Sleek, slim area light design for contemporary landscape design.
  • Bronze finish on brass fixture for an exceptional combination of beauty and durability.
  • Frosted diffuser for gorgeous ambiance without obnoxious bulb glare.


  • 6 x Mini Die Cast Brass Hats
  • 6 x 6" Copper Stems
  • 6 x 18" NSC Leads
  • 5 x 12" NSC T's
  • 5 x 15' NSC Jumpers
  • 1 x 15'NSC Power Cords
  • 5 x LED JC-Bi Pin 2700K
  • 6 x Gen2 NSC ABS Stake
  • 1 x Outdoor Rated Transformer


One year limited warranty against defects in construction.

Area Light Specifications

Material Brass
Voltage 12V
Socket Type UL Certified JC Bi-Pin (E230758)
Bulb Type JC Bi-Pin Cluster
Power Rating 2.3w/Fixture
Mounting Ground / Surface
Fixture Weight 2.12 lbs


Product Dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

Sleek Mini Area Light Fixture - PAMT-KH1021

Will this fixture run on 120v as well as 12v?

This fixture will run on 120 volt but you can not use the NSC wiring system and you have to use a 120 volt JC BI pin bulb instead of a 12 volt bulb.

If a 7-kit was bought, could you wire them all together w/o suffering Voltage drop?

Voltage drop depends on the length of the run, the total load and the gauge of the wire. If you use a 2.5 watt bulb and 30' jumpers for 7 fixtures you would still be within range. If you decided to use 4 watt bulbs and 30' jumpers, your voltage drop would be too great so you would have to think about either using our 12 gauge NSC jumpers or making multiple runs to lessen the load.

Are there extensions for added stem length?

No, this is designed as a mini bollard so we do not offer extensions.

Can you place the fixture deeper into the ground or do you need to follow instructions on the depth?

Yes, these are made of brass or copper which will not corrode so if you wanted them to be shorter, just bury them deeper into the ground.

Brass Landscape NSC Lighting System

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