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16 Gauge NSC No Splice Required Wiring Solution Lighting Main

16 Gauge NSC Wiring System, Jumpers, Power Connectors, T-Connectors, X-Connectors, Reducers, Landscape Lighting w/ NSC, Easy DIY Installation - OLA-NSC-16G

0.10 LBS
# of 3FT Jumpers required
# of 6FT Jumpers required
# of 15FT Jumpers required
# of 30FT Jumpers required
# of 3FT Power Connectors required
# of 15FT Power Connectors required
# of 30FT Power Connectors required
# of T Connectors required
# of X Connectors required
# of R Reducers required

N.S.C. System Connection Example

AQLighting is proud to offer our outdoor rated 16 Gauge No-Splice Connection (NSC) Wiring system. Ideal for outdoor lighting applications, our 16 Gauge NSC wiring system allows you to connect your fixtures in seconds, no splicing required. Each point of contact is tool-free, watertight and can be connected in ~5 seconds. This wiring system will saves time and labor by offering the ability to service your well lights in seconds without removing the entire system. Mix and match your jumper extension cables, power cables, T-connectors, X-connectors, and gauge reducing cables by selecting your desired size and quantity. Using a polarity consistent 2-pin connection and secured via two metal retention nuts, our NSC wiring system is IP68 rated and ideal for outdoor applications.

Voltage Drop Info

Beware of Voltage Drop

  • Voltage drop is caused by the resistance in the wire. So if your transformer is putting out 12 volts your first few fixtures may receive adequate voltage but because of the load and wire resistance your last few fixtures may not receive adequate voltage. To learn more about Voltage Drop click here.

No Splice Connection Wiring System

Introducing the No Splice Connection System (NSC): The easiest way to illuminate your landscape! Designed for the average joe looking to enhance their outdoor space with landscape lighting, NSC saves you time and requires no knowledge of connecting wires or lighting applications. Our patented system features threaded male and female adapters, allowing you to effortlessly connect fixtures together. Say goodbye to splicing wires and hello to a simple screw-on technique! With NSC, multiple fixtures can be easily connected, thanks to our T-connector, X-connector, Jumpers, and Power Connects. Available in various lengths, our cables cater to any application. It's plug-and-play, making installation a breeze. No more exposed wires or complex installations! Experience the convenience and simplicity of NSC today. Illuminate your landscape with ease and transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis. Upgrade to NSC and let your lights shine bright!NSC Connection Close Up

Material Plastic / 16 Gauge Wire
Voltage 12V AC/DC
Connection Type N.S.C. - 2 Pin
Certifications IP68 rated

NSC Installation Guide


Brass Landscape NSC Lighting System


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