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"Strawberry" Style C9 LED String Light in pure white

"Strawberry" Style LED Light String C9

American Lighting
2.15 LBS
The largest of the holiday and year-round lighting bulb styles, this "strawberry" shaped C9 LED light string makes a huge impression. Use it for rooflines and large trees or create eye-catching holiday displays. This light string employs high efficiency LED technology that uses a fraction of the energy that a traditional incandescent light string would use. The textured surface on the light bulb creates a twinkling effect which creates a unique look for your home, garden or business. Available in a variety of colors, your perfect holiday light string is just a click away. Protected by a 1-year manufacturer warranty that protects against defects in material, you can use this LED light string with confidence, even in the coldest of the winter months. The maximum run of this style of LED string lights is 87 LED string lights on a single power adapter. Please note that one LED power adapter is required for each light string run to function which can be found here or can be purchased off the current page. We do offer wholesale pricing on this product for large scale orders so contact the AQL sales team at 1-800-865-7221.
•UL listed for indoor and outdoor usage
•Up to 90% energy savings over traditional incandescent light strings
•1-year manufacturer warranty against defects in material under normal usage
•Able to connect up to 87 LED light strings on a single run
•Coaxial power connector system reduces tension damage
•Wired in parallel - if one LED light bulb fails, the rest of the light string stays lit
•Available in a variety of colors

Voltage 120V 60Hz AC
Material Pre-assembled Durable Plastic Sockets on 22AWG Copper Wire
Socket Spacing 8" between Sockets
Length 16.7'
Wattage 2.4 Watts per String
Maximum Run 87 Light Strings per Run
Rated Lifetime 60,000 Hours for Pure White/Ultra Warm White, 100,000 Hours for Other Colors

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