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Sandstone Tiki Torch (after)

Gas Fed Stainless Steel Tiki Torch - AL-18CY - Focus Industries

Focus Industries
12.00 LBS
$43.01 OFF
Gas Type required
Just in time for those late afternoon summer BBQ's, new from Focus, is the new line of stainless steel, gas-fed tiki torches. Available in 10 plasma cut patterns, you will be able to create the perfect atmosphere in both the day and night. These torches are compatible with either natural gas or propane.


Propane / Natural Gas Compatible

Whether retro-fitting into an already existing system or planning out a complete new installation, you choose the type of gas system and we'll make it happen. The natural gas type of tiki torches features a inlet pressure of 7" water column and has a rate of 22,500 BTU/hour (British Thermal Units) while the propane model boasts a 11" water column inlet pressure and a rate of 17,000 BTU/hour. Both versions have a 1" cast brass female NPT threaded adapter that can attach to a 1" steel pipe.


Multiple Pattern Options

These tiki torches have a choice of 10 highly unique patterns so you have the ability to establish any theme you wish; from tribal styles like "Sandstone" to more floral styles like "Plumeria" or "Hibiscus", there are plenty of style options to fulfill any type of outdoor theming choice.

Material Stainless Steel
Pipe Gauge 18ga (.043" thickness)
Color Finish Unfinished Steel
Thread Size 1" NPT
Ignition Manual Ignition w/ Extended Lighter


tiki-torch-dimensions.jpg Required Equipment:
  • 1" Brass Shut-Off Valve
  • 1" Steel Pipe (6' Max)

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