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Designer Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an essential element for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. It provides curb appeal, welcoming aesthetics, and enhances the safety of homes and businesses alike. AQLIGHTING provides a range of exterior light fixture options to meet the needs of our clients. With licensed electrical contractors on staff, our client service team is eager to guide you through your project to ensure you select the right fixture style, finish, and light output to meet your project’s unique needs. Our landscape and underwater lighting enables our clients to customize their order. When it comes to material, we manufacture fixtures in copper, brass, stainless steel, and composite. Our clients can choose from the recommended energy saving LED, or halogen and incandescent to allow for energy flexibility to meet city code requirements. We even offer voltage options ranging from commercial grade 120 volt systems for the more extensive projects, while we strongly recommend our 12 volt system for our homeowners’ outdoor lighting needs. Our lighting will truly enhance your landscape design.