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Bright Incandescent and LED Light Bulbs

AQLIGHTING is here to help guide you to the right light bulb for your unique needs. Finding your desired fixture is the exciting part of ordering lights, and selecting the right bulb for your intended effect is just as important. While it may appear that a light bulb performs an elemental task; the type of bulb can actually affect your room’s feel and mood based on wattage draw, lumen count, kelvin rating, beam spread, the CRI, and the voltage. At AQLIGHTING we understand how difficult it can be to find the right bulb for a given fixture and application; we are here to help! Give our friendly client service team a call at 1.800.865.7221 for one-on-one guidance. Whether low heat, energy saving LED is the right lamp for your fixture or if you’d prefer a warmer burning, old fashioned incandescent or halogen, AQLIGHTING is here to make sure the bulbs you select will allow your light design to achieve your desired atmosphere.