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Reliable Flood Security Lights

What You Need to Know About Security Lights

Believe it or not, a home burglary takes place every 18 seconds in the United States. Luckily, there are simple solutions to help reduce the risk for your own home. With the use of timers and strategic security lights your home can have a better layer of protection. In fact, a security light on an outdoor motion sensor that turns on a light inside your home greatly increases your home's safety. Avoid globe security lamps, and utilize directional lighting for outdoor security. Lighting up the area with a motion sensored security light is a great deterrent and helps to keep your home safe, additionally it's an inexpensive way to reduce your risk. It will also improve the image quality capture for doorbell surveillance systems. Keep intruders at bay with these simple security lighting tips:

Location, Location, Location

Many homeowners struggle with the right location for their security lights. Occasionally, an oversaturation of lighting can create unwanted shadows that don’t serve the intended security light purpose. Intentional direction for outdoor lights on a motion sensor or timer is a better option. In addition, shielding your lights to direct the beam can allow better visuals of porches, side gates, and backyards. Key areas to accentuate with directional flood lights are your home’s front and back porches, side gates, and your garage. The security lights should be with either a timer or a motion sensor so that you can conserve power, while also catching an intruder off guard. An added benefit to side yard lighting on a motion sensor is better visibility when taking out the trash and spooking critters that would potentially see your waste as their personal dining room.

Easy Control

The right security light needs to be easy to program and adjust. This can be accomplished through a photocell, timer at the power source, a motion sensor, or through Smart technology. For low tech options, partnering a photocell with a motion detector is a great option. The photocell enables the security lights to activate as the sun goes down, and the motion sensor makes sure they only turn on for a temporary amount of time when activity is taking place. Security companies and the US Bureau recommend having a motion sensor outside that actually activates an indoor light to better protect your home. Intruders will typically break in when the home is vacant, so perceived indoor activity tends to keep them away. Today, lighting can be controlled by a Smart Device or from a Smartphone. Tie your lights to be controlled by Alexa, Google Home - really any choice of security app to have instant control and peace of mind in a click.


Lighting definitely plays a substantial role in preventing a break in, and it also will help aid our police force in catching the criminal if the misguided intruder does choose to move forward with their original plan. Security lights on a motion sensor will help improve the image quality of your doorbell video surveillance, like Ring, or any video monitoring security system, offered by firms like ADT. See the world around you with peace of mind.