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Home Theater Stair and Aisle Lights

Transform Your Home Viewing Experience

When it comes to home theaters, lighting is essential. It sets the mood, diverts attention to the screen, and helps everyone stay comfy. However, you can’t rely on some regular fluorescent bulb if you want a truly amazing viewing experience.

Transform your space with our LED stair, wall, and ceiling lights. Our products are specially designed to turn your home into a cinema box office! We have everything you need, including rope and tape lights, recessed floor and step lights, and drop-down lights.

Impress friends and family members when with our wide selection of high-quality home movie theater lighting supplies.

Types of Lighting You’ll Need

Before renovating, you need to know what home theater lights to use. There are roughly three categories of lighting you should consider.

General Lighting

You likely already have this and will have no trouble with it. General lighting is just your everyday, strong lights. Your room won’t always be in home theater mode, so you need good visibility when doing anything other than watching movies.

Accent Lighting

To set the mood, you need to have just enough light to be able to move around safely. That’s what accent lighting is for. These are low-intensity lights, usually installed along your walls and behind the TV.

Everyone’s eyes will be adjusted to the dark, so you’ll also want to ease them into stronger lighting with your accent lights before turning everything on after the movie. If your general lights are dimmable, they may also act as your accent light.

Pathway Lighting

Imagine the movie’s on, and the lights are off. You don’t want to have to turn them back on whenever someone needs a bathroom break. Instead, you should install lights into the steps or along rails so that no one trips and injures themselves.

Enhance Your Space

Customization Options

Our home theater lights are the perfect solution for customizing your space. You have a wide range of colors, temperatures, and designs to choose from. Personalize your home with our products.

Improved Safety

These aren’t just for setting the mood, they’ll also keep you safe. Use stair and aisle lights to guide movie watchers as they move around, get snacks, or go to the bathroom.

Expert Advice

When you choose AQL Lighting Group, you’ll also get advice from some of the best experts in the industry. Set up a free consultation, and they’ll give you recommendations for your home theater.