150w Multi-Tap Low Voltage Stainless Steel Transformer PTX15-150

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150w Multi-Tap Low Voltage Transformer PTX150-15
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12V Taps up to 15V Taps 150w Stainless Steel Transformer. This transformer is designed to pair perfectly with all your LED outdoor lighting. A high quality clock allows for multiple On/Off settings and simply plugs into the transformer, no wiring needed. Also available is an optional photocell that works both by itself and in conjuction with the clock. You may use the photocell to make your lights turn on and off according to the daylight automatically on during the night and off during the day, also known as dusk-to-dawn. You may also have the clock control your lights by itself, which will turn your lights on and off according to the hour you set it to. Using the photocell in conjunction with the clock timer allows a more energy efficient control of your lighting. UL Outdoor Listed.

088.jpg Stainless Steel Construction:
Crafted from high quality stainless steel, this 150w transformer is designed to thrive in the punishing conditions of an outdoor evnironment. The stainless steel housing comes with a lifetime guararntee.
ptx150-15-timer-photocell-1.jpg Available High Quality Clock Timer and Photocell:
This stainless steel transformer has an available high quality clock timer and photocell designed to give you ultimate control over your lighting. The clock timer will turn the lights on and off at whatever hour you specify. The photocell uses a dusk-to-dawn feature that will turn your lights on automatically during the night and off during the day. Use the clock timer and photocell together to acheieve control over your lighting in a energy efficient manner. To do so simply set the clock timer to turn your lights on during the daytime hours, and off anytime during the night you want your lights to turn off. The photocell will keep your lights off until the night hours come, but they will turn off during the time set on your clock timer. This allow you to keep your outdoor lighting on for exactly as long as you want during the night, without having to worry about the changing dusk, such as in daylight saving times.
086.jpg Perfect For LED Fixtures:
Not only can this transformer handle your current lighting arrangement, but the low 12V setting is designed to go perfectly with all the latest LED fixtures.
This stainless steel Multi-tap transformer is designed to work on 12V, 13V, 14V, or 15V

Stainless Steel USA and AQL made Mult-Tap Transformers are guaranteed for 10 years on internal components. All other transformers come with a 1 year guarantee on internal components Stainless steel housing guaranteed for life never to rust or corrode. Clocks, Timers, and Photocells have a 1 year guarantee on all transformers.

PTX150LED Dimensions

Input Voltage 120V 60Hz
Output Voltage 12V, 13V, 14V, 15V
Max Input Amps 1.5 Amps
Max Output Amps 15 Amps
Max Wattage 150w Max
Cord Length 6'
ETL Listing (3065607)
UL Listing (1838)
Mounting Wall or Surface
Fixture Weight 11.60 lbs.

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