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12V SMARTscape Bluetooth LED Landscape Pathway Light Kit - SMRTSCP-KIT

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Brand new from AQLIGHTING comes this classic LED pathway area light kit, with a high tech twist. The Smartscape landscape lighting system allows you to control each fixture via bluetooth from the convenience of your smartphone. Simply pair each fixture to the app to create custom lighting schedules on the individual level, or group them together for instant on/off controls with the press of a button. Each fixture communicates with each other so you only need be in range of one to control all of your lights. A tiny memory storage keeps your settings saved so that in the even of a power outage, the lighting schedule you set will resume once power is restored. Included in this kit: 6 cast brass LED pathway area lights, 6 warm white LED light bulbs, 6 Smartstake stake mounts, a 150w low voltage stainless steel outdoor rated transformer, and a 250' spool of 14ga direct burial cable to wire the entire kit. All of this bundled together to save you time and money. All fixtures are in gorgeous bronze finish.
Brand New Bluetooth Control:
Putting the "smart" in Smartscape is the all new Smartstake stake mount. Simply install your fixture and wire it thru the stake mount, and you have just added bluetooth functionality to any outdoor stake mounted fixture. Once installed, all you need to is pair each fixture for individual lighting schedules, or group them all together for instant on/off control. All fixtures can be controlled as long as you are within range of one fixture, so there is no need to go and stand next to each fixture to make changes to your schedule. These Smartstakes also have memory storage on them, so that in the even of a power outage your custom lighting settings are saved and will resume as soon as you restore power. Once you step into the future with this Smartscape lighting system, you'll never want to go back.
6 LED-PASH100 Cast Brass LED Area Lights:
Fantastic for lighting pathways, driveways, or garden beds - this cast brass LED area light features an 18" height, tempered glass cylinder to protect your LED bulb, and a 2w warm white LED JC Bi-pin bulb that produces 200 lumens of soft light at a 2700K color temperature.
12v-2w-cob-led-warm-white-jc-bi-pin-cluster-light-bulb-98091.1434992718.jpg 12V 2w CoB LED Warm White JC Bi-Pin Bulb:
One of our most popular LED bulbs for area lights, this 12V 2w LED warm white jc bi-pin bulb has it all. Using only 2w of energy, this LED bulb will give you the same light output as a 20w halogen bulb, that translates to huge savings on your energy bill. Fully dimmable, this bulb emits a soft and inviting glow at a color temperature of 2700K. Rated for 50,000+ hours, this LED JC Bi-Pin cluster bulb is certified for both indoor and outdoor applications.
6path-kit-contents1.jpg The Total Package:
Included with this LED landscape lighting kit is everything you need to install a beautiful new lighting arrangement. We included a 150w stainless steel outdoor rated transformer so you can run every light in this kit, and still add more fixtures if you desire. Also included in this kit are stake mounted containment hubs for each of the LED light fixtures. The containment hubs allow you to install and wire fixtures without exposing the wiring coming out of your fixture to the outside elements, no other company out there protects your wiring like AQLIGHTING does. In addition to this, we have included an Avi-on bluetooth controller, which allows you to create lighting schedules and have a greater control over your lighting To round out this kit we have included a spool of 14ga direct burial cable, and all of the LED bulbs to illuminate your chosen area.
Included in this Kit:
  • 6x PASH100 LED Cast Brass Area Lights
  • 6x 12V 2w CoB Warm White LED JC Bi-Pin Bulb
  • 6x SmartStake Stake Mounts
  • 1x 250' 14ga Direct Burial Cable
  • 1x 150w Outdoor Rated Transformer
Spotlight Specs:
Material Cast Brass
Voltage 12V / 120V
Socket GU5.3 JC Bi-Pin
Bulb Type Bi-Pin Cluster
Power Rating 50w Max
Mounting Ground / Surface
Fixture Weight 2.50 lbs
Certifications UL Listing E230758

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