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Side View w/ Display Kit

Jeep LED Rock Light - Offroad Rock Lights - 12V Jeep Rock Crawling Lights - JEEP ROCK LIGHTS

3.00 LBS
$36.00 OFF
Slim Profile Super Bright Light Output IP55 Rated Available in Warm White/Cool White Easy Installation Process
Rock crawling is fun at night, it's even more fun when you can see what you are driving over! Seeing the monster rocks you just went over is fun and often necessary to not break your Jeep! The owner of AQLIGHTING has owned a Jeep for decades and his newest addition to the family, a raised, custom Jeep Rubicon for rock crawling and desert fun. As a lighting company owner is needed to design rock lights that would not break like so many out there and he decided to test a modified version of tape light he sells for outdoor use. The result: an outdoor IP55 rated tape light that has been used for over 18 months on his Jeep and works as good as day one. The design is also made to work with an SPOD or straight install with 6 foot leads to connect to your fog lights. The kit comes with two 6.5' spools of our re-designed LED tape light (in either warm white or cool white), each with 6' lead wires and coated with high grade epoxy sealant for waterproofing. Using only 1.5w per foot, this high effiency tape light ribbon is capable of generating ~150 lumens per foot (the equivalent of a 25w light bulb EVERY foot). For ease of installation, we coated the back of the tape light with 3M double side tape, allowing you to simply peel off the packaging and attach it to your jeep, truck or car immediately.
led-rock-light-tape-light-close-up.jpg High Efficency LED Technology:
Each spool is lined with over 125 diodes, creating incredibly even lighting without sacificing light output. Each spool creates an output of ~975 lumens (depending on chosen color temperature), which translates to having a 25w halogen light bulb per foot. That's the same as twelve 25 watts halogen spot lights under your car.
jeep-led-rock-crawling-tape-light-system-step-lighting.jpg Rugged Against Any Terrian:
We designed our new rock lighting kit to work everywhere your vehicle would need it to work such as while rock climbing, driving down dirt roads, crossing a river or whatever you enjoy doing with your offroad car. Your car's suspension will fail before this tape light does.
led-rock-light-tape-light-mounting-and-wiring-clamp.jpg Easy Installation:
The backside of the tape light system is coated by 3M's adhesive double sided tape, which allows you to simply peel-and-stick for easy installation, if installed on a clean surface, it will not come off. We've had incredible results for under carriage mounting but it is become a quick favorite for step and side skirt lighting as well and with the ability to trim the ribbon every 2", there's not a single surface you can't attach it to. Pair that with its super slim profile, you won't have to worry about damaging the system, even when you take a nasty series of dips and bumps (unlike other puck-based rock light systems).
Voltage 12V DC
Length 6.5' per Spool (13' in Total)
Power Draw 1.463w per Foot (4.8w per meter)
Light Output ~150 Lumens per Foot
Diode Type SMD3528
Color Temperature Warm White (3000K) / Cool White (5000K)
Diode Spacing 9/16" Between Diodes
Cuttable Every 2"
Certifications IP55 - Rated Against Dust and Water Jets

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