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Warm White Deluxe Kit

DIY DELUXE 150ft Reel - Outdoor Commercial Grade Dimmable LED Rope Light, 120V IP65 WaterProof 513Pro Series - AK-LED-513-DIY

25.00 LBS
$81.00 OFF
High Quality Plug & Play Installation Rated IP65 ETL Listed / UV Protected


Outdoor rated, ETL listed and UV protected, AQLighting's™ unique 513PRO series LED rope light is the best in its class. Featuring a larger circular diffuser than regular rope light, the 513PRO series disperses light much more evenly and effectively compared to its competition. This all inclusive deluxe DIY kit comes with the necessary power cords, connectors and end caps for an easy, plug and play installation!

Full Range Dimming Capability

513PRO Rope Light Full Range Dimming Example
513PRO series LED Rope Light Showcase

Complete DIY Kit

  • This DIY Kit comes complete with everything needed for an easy and safe installation.
  • A power cord comes pre-installed, making this a simple plug and play project
513PRO series Purple LED Rope Light In Scene

No Dark Spots, Stays Cool All Day Long

  • The 513PRO LED rope light series features a larger diode to eliminate dark spots, and produce a better beam spread and no gaps in the light coverage.
  • Unlike other LED rope lights, the 513PRO series uses no reflectors or refractor lens and produces direct light output from diode to surface.
513PRO series Amber LED Rope Light Close Up

Flexible Lighting Application

  • The 513PRO series can be as flexible as you need it to be, perfect for a variety of applications.
  • Easily install in tight spaces like corner areas, behind mirrors and more without worrying about damaging this rope light.

Deluxe Kit Includes:

  • LED Rope Light 150' Spool
  • 3x 2Ft 2 Wire Power Cord
  • 2x 6Ft 2 Wire Power Cord
  • 5x 2 Wire Power Connector
  • 5x 2 Wire Invisible Splice Connectors
  • 5x 1/2" End Cap
  • 150x Mounting Clips

Outdoor LED Rope Light Spool and Commercial Application

All of our LED rope light spools are rated for commercial indoor and outdoor use. For submersible applications, check out our underwater lights page.

For information on how to cut 120v rope light, click here for our exclusive, in-depth guide.
513PRO series Warm White LED Rope Light In Scene 513PRO series Cool White LED Rope Light Close Up In Scene 513PRO series Red LED Rope Light Close Up In Scene 513PRO series Blue LED Rope Light Close Up In Scene

Material UV-Protected Clear Flexible PVC
Voltage 120V AC
Diode Type 513 Diode
Power Draw 1.12w per foot
Light Output ~130 Lumens per foot
Dimming Capacity 5% - 100%
Cut Marks Every 30"
Rectifier Capacity 3A
Max Run 150ft
Dimensions 1/2" Diameter X 150'
IP rating IP65
Certifications cETLus Listed for Indoor/Outdoor Use
Specification Sheet Download

Dimensions Diagram:

513PRO Series Rope Light Components

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Commercial Grade Dimmable LED Rope Light, 120V IP65 WaterProof 513Pro Series

Can this be cut for different lengths?

The 513 Series Rope light can be cut every 30". There is white printing to indicate the spots where it is safe to cut.

What is the diameter of this rope light?

The 513 series rope light has a 1/2" diameter.

Can you use a standard 110V wall dimmer for these lights?

Yes as long there the dimmer is LED compatible and has enough capacity to handle the wattage.

Can end caps and starter cords be purchased separately and at what cost?

Yes, 2' power cords are $8.99, 6' power cords are $11.99 and end caps are $0.95. These pages are not currently up on the Amazon site. It would be best to contact Amazon directly to help with the transaction.

Where were these made at?

This rope light was made in China per AQ Lighting's manufacturing specs.

What is the total length?

The total length of the 513 Pro Series rope light is 150ft.

Do you have to use a special dimmer with this product? Does have any recommended style dimmers to use?

Any dimmer designed for CFL or LED light bulbs are compatible. We recommend the Lutron DVCL or the Legrand Wattstopper RHCL453PTC. The Lutron will be able to dim up to 150 watts of LED lighting and the wattstopper can go up to 450 watts. For more info, please call the AQLighting Group technical department at 800-865-7221.

What is the difference between standard and premium kits??

The standard kit comes with 150' of rope light, 1 factory attached power cord and 1 factory attached end cap. The premium kit includes 150' of rope light, 1 factory attached power cord,1 factory attached end cap, 1 additional 2' power cord, 1 additional end cap and 100 mounting clips. For more in depth information please call the AQ Lighting tech department at 800-865-7221.


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