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120V LED RLM Metal Gooseneck Sign Light - ADLXSV930-G24 -Title 24 Compliant

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Red Sign Light w/ LED Puck Light Engine
The lastest revision of AQLIGHTING's timeless design, the ADLXSV930-G24 is a Title 24 compliant version of our classic sign light, complete with our own LED puck light engine module. Capable of creating up to 1000 lumens for just 10w of energy, the ADLXSV930-G24 creates an incredible amount of light without the increased cost on your power bill. The offset threaded head piece is capable of adjusting to almost any angle you desire and once tightened down, will not shift, even in windy conditions. With the included mounting canopy, the ADLXSV930-G24 can be attached to just about any surface and has 2 threaded knockouts for adding optional motion sensors or photocells for automatic operation. The gooseneck arm is 1" in diameter, strong enough to keep the angle shade and your LED module suspended for years and years, through the wind, sun and the rain. Included with each LED gooseneck sign light is 5 shade screws, 3 wire nuts, 1 shade washer and 1 shade gasket, everything you need to assemble the sign light and connect it to line voltage. The ADLXSV930-G24 is available in your choice of the following powdercoats: black, white, bronze, red or granite silver but we also provide custom color options upon request (1-800-865-7221).
LEDAQV LED Puck Light Engine Module Let There Be Light:
Included with our Title 24 compliant gooseneck sign light is AQLIGHTING's brand new LED puck light engine (unless specified otherwise), which generates an enormous amount of light output. The LEDAQV-G24 uses a GU24 type socket which twists and locks into place, securing it into the sign light and remains tightly recessed in the RLM shade.
ADLXSV Solid Cast Threaded Head Piece Adjustability is Everything:
For our series of LED sign lights, we used a jagged offset tooth design for the head piece to allow you to change the angle of the shade to any desired position. Once the screw is tighten, the shade will lock in position against the wind and weather but you can re-adjust at any time with the tool-free adjustment screw.
ADLXSV Solid Cast Canopy in Black Insurmountable Mounting: Included with the ADLXSV930-G24 is our RLM wall mounting canopy, which features 2 1/2" threaded knockouts which can accomodate photocells, motion sensors or other lighting accessories. The mounting canopy can also be used to house the wiring and connections and comes with a rubber gasket to seal it from the outdoor elements.
Need a Photocell or Motion Detector?
Our Gooseneck Lights come with two 1/2" threaded knockouts in the cast wall canopy which allows you to mount a photocell or a motion detector (Call to Order) to the fixture enabling a retro look with modern features on your antique black gooseneck sign light.

In order to meet Title 24 standards, the ADLXSV930-G24 uses GU24 LED Puck Light engines for maximum energy savings.

Free Items Included!
These items come free with our Gooseneck Lights:
  • 5 x Shade Screws
  • 3 x Wire Nuts
  • 1 x Shade Gasket
  • 1 x Shade Washer
Voltage 120V - 277V
Socket Type GU24
Bulb Type LED Puck Module
Power Draw 10w
Light Output 1000 Lumens
Color Temp Warm White 2700K
Dimming Capacity N/A
Mounting Wall / Surface
Certifications cULus Listed (lampholder) / cULus Listed (module) - Wet Location / Title 24 Compliant
Dimensions Diagram:
ADLXSV930-G24 LED RLM Gooseneck Sign Light Dimensions Diagram
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