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12V Large Submersible Cast Brass Underwater Pond Lighting - PUDX003

12V Large Submersible Cast Brass Underwater Pond Lighting - PUDX003

6.00 LBS
$5.00 OFF
The AQLIGHTING large, raw brass, 12V underwater pond lighting system is definitely a bruiser when it comes to submersible lighting. Utilizing the PAR36 platform, the PUDX003 submersible lighting fixture is designed for maximum light output and paired with the matching brass aiming bracket, you have full control. The PUDX003 low voltage fixture uses an open face design, allowing it to be used for general lighting, flood lighting, moonlighting, accent lighting and wide spotlighting purposes and is LED ready for high energy savings.
12v-cast-brass-underwater-flood-light-pudx003.jpg Exclusive Heavy Duty Large Brass Underwater Light:
AQLIGHTING designs its products in Southern California and is proud to offer the PUDX003 in ground light fixture at the lowest price on the Internet. Please be aware that when using underwater fountain light fixtures, you must avoid using strong acid chemicals in that body of water as it will destroy the fixtures. For more detailed information, please click here.
12v-cast-brass-underwater-flood-light-pudx003-aiming-bracket.jpg We Aim to Please:
We designed the PUDX003 submersible flood light to be as flexible as possible to meet the demands of any kind of lighting project, both large and small. To that end, we've included a removable solid brass aiming bracket, complete with surface mounting base. That way, the PUDX003 can be used in pools, ponds, fountains or any body of water to create wonderful illumination for any situation. The PUDX003 large brass underwater light also comes pre-wired with 30' of SVT UL certified underwater cable that exits via the side of the fixture near the bottom, allowing you to hook the fixture up to your transformer the moment you receive it.
12v-cast-brass-underwater-flood-light-bulb-compartment.jpg PAR(36) For the Course:
Due to the PUDX003's larger than average size, it is able to accommodate PAR36 type lamps, both halogen and LED. Instead of a traditional socket, the PUDX003 uses a set of terminal leads, complete with spade connectors which connect to the back of your PAR36 lamp that sits inside the adjustable bulb bracket. We highly recommend using LED PAR36 lamps for massive energy savings, superior light output and lower maintenance costs, especially since replacing lamps require you to remove the fixture from the water, open it, replace the lamp and re-submerge the fixture. Visit our incandescent bulbs or our LED bulbs page.
  • 1 X 30' SVT UL Certified Heavy Duty Cable
  • 1 X 3.5" Round Surface Mounting Base
  • 1 X Spare Lens/Gasket Assembly
  • Solid Cast Brass Construction
  • WireGuard™ Bushing to Protect the Wires
  • 30 foot 16 gauge UL Approved Cable Lead
  • Clear Tempered Glass
  • Open Face Cover Design
Material Cast Brass
Voltage 12V
Socket Type N/A - Terminal Leads
Bulb Type PAR36
Power Rating 75w Max
Mounting Surface
Wiring 30' of SVT Low Voltage Cable
Brass Weight 5.5 lbs
Product Dimensions:
Raw Brass Floodlight PUDX003 Dimensions
Please read this instruction sheet carefully.
Luminaires must be installed in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and local codes. Failure to do so may result in serious injury and/or damage to the luminaire.

SAFETY WARNING: Luminaire can become very hot, depending on lamp wattage used. Lens and metal around the lamp can become hot enough to blister/burn hands. Particular care should be taken not to place luminaires where small children can reach them, especially when high wattage lamps are used.


To avoid electrical shock, turn off the power at the circuit breaker before starting your installation project.


  • Turn off/unplug and allow fixture to cool before replacing lamp.
  • Lamps get hot quickly! Contact only switch/plug when turned on.
  • Do not touch hot lens, guard or enclosure
  • Keep lamp away from amterial that may burn
  • Do not touch the lamp directly at any time. Use a soft cloth. Oil from the skin may damage the lamp when illuminated.
  • Do not operate luminaire fitting with a missing or damaged cover.

NOTE: Always use UL recognized wire connectors.


The most common cause of damage in submersible pond & fountain lights are due to user error during installation. Therefore, it's crucial to choose high quality submersible lighting that offer multiple safeguards from user error and a strong build construction to maximize the fixture's longevity.

For more info, please view our leak prevention guide:


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  • 5
    Underwater fountain/pool lights

    Posted by Walter Poznanski on Mar 15th 2018

    I ordered 2 underwater lights and I received exactly what I expected. Good product quality and good service. Thank you.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Mike- HyTech Electric Inc. on Mar 15th 2018

    I am an electrical contractor and we purchased 6 of these lights for a commercial fountain. Both the client and I are extremely pleased with the fountain lighting! Will defiantly use this product for future projects

  • 5
    Underwater Lights

    Posted by Paul on Mar 15th 2018

    I am very pleased with the quality of these units and will have them installed in the fountain next month.

  • 5
    So satisfied we have already ordered more!

    Posted by Steve on Mar 15th 2018

    We were so pleased with the quality of this product that we have ordered more!

  • 5
    Everything was great! Fantastic

    Posted by Steve Hearn, Memphis, TX on Mar 15th 2018

    Everything was great. Fantastic service, great product, looks great. Definitely would order again. PUDX003

  • 5

    Posted by W. O'Neil - CA on Mar 15th 2018

    I highly recommend this product with led for underwater lighting applications. My sales person was fantastic and I will continue to use this company.

  • 5
    Quality Product

    Posted by N/A on Feb 15th 2018

    Heavy, Quality and Attractive

  • 5
    These Fixtures Made My Customer Very Happy

    Posted by P.G. Electric on Feb 1st 2018

    My customer is really happy with the underwater lighting fixtures that we purchased from Affordable Quality Lighting. The under water light fixtures look really great at night and the quality of the fixture is perfect for this application. Affordable Lighting Products got the materials to us really quickly and we were able to make this customer very happy.

  • 5
    Excellent Quality

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 1st 2018

    We installed two of these underwater lights in our pond and we were very pleased with the light output. They are built to last and we know these lights will stand up against the elements.