12V Brass Underwater Open Face Mini Spotlight - PUDX707

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  • Color Temperature and Beam Spread Diagram
  • Color Temperature and Beam Spread Diagram
  • Color Temperature and Beam Spread Diagram
  • Warm White Spot Beam Spread
  • Cool White Spot Beam Spread
  • Warm White Wide Spot Beam Spread
  • Cool White Wide Spot Beam Spread
  • Warm White Wide Flood Beam Spread
  • Cool White Wide Flood Beam Spread
  • Warm White Super White Flood Beam Spread
  • Cool White Super Wide Flood Beam Spread
AQLIGHTING's newly designed underwater pond lights will turn a dark pond into a peaceful illuminated oasis.  Heavy duty brass construction makes the PUDX707 highly durable against the rigors of being submerged in water. Designed with matching adjustable round brass base, the PUDX707 fixture can be angled to allow you shine the light just where it needs to be.  The PUDX707 fixture is highly compact, allowing it to be placed in shallower waters or in tighter spaces than other underwater units.  Utilizing an open face design, the full light output of the MR11 light bulb is put to work for you, allowing for usage in flood lighting, spotlighting, wall washing or accenting lighting purposes. The PUDX707 fixture comes LED ready, which is perfect for those who demand high energy savings as well as large amounts of light output.

We offer the highest quality submersible pond lights money can buy, made with the highest quality, heavy duty brass, which makes these pond lights long lifetime fixtures. The PUDX707 garden pond lights ship with 30 feet of heavy duty SVT cord and a solid brass surface mounting base, enabling the fixtures to be placed underwater or surface mounted. The PUDX707 underwater pond lights will transform your yard into a designer landscaped paradise.

The PUDX707 designer low voltage 12V pond lights eliminate the risks associated with 120V and water. Additionally, it will help you save on your power bill due to their extremely low power consumption. All low voltage fixtures require a transformer and we have a wide variety of outdoor rated transformers at incredible prices. You can find our outdoor transformers here and for additional information on the differences between 12V and 120V, please visit our guide here. For additional help, contact our highly trained electricians and lighting specialists here or call us at 1-800-865-7221 and we would happy to assist you in making your underwater lighting selection.

pudx-707-01-45981.jpg Solid Cast Brass Body, Cover and Mounting Base:
We designed the PUDX707 fixture with longevity in mind.  The underwater light is made from solid cast brass materials that will never rust or corrode and protect against the hazards of the outdoors. Please be aware that when using underwater fixtures, you must avoid using strong acid chemicals in that body of water as it will destroy the fixtures. For more detailed information, please click here.
pudx-707-03.jpg Recessed UL Certified socket:
We have designed the PUDX707 light fixture to maximize the light output from the MR11 light bulb and ensure that the light bulb is not effected by outside influences.  To do so, we have placed our exclusive Spring-Lock system to place the light bulb as close as possible to the glass lens and keep it steady even when faced with motion.  This also makes bulb replacement a breeze as the socket sits right behind the open face cover.
pudx-707-02-98884.jpg Solid Brass Mounting Base
Solid brass surface mounting base houses the hand adjustable swivel which allows you to control your lighting angle and mount your fixture to any flat surface. The included 30' heavy duty SVT underwater cable exits the fixture on the side near its base for easy installation.
pudx707-led-resized-67669.png Light Bulb Options
The PUDX707 heavy duty brass underwater fixture is designed to take advantage of the MR11 type light bulb, which we offer in both halogen and LED. Our MR11 halogen light bulbs are offered in both clear and colored options and our MR11 LEDs are available in cool white or warm white options.
Our underwater lights are low voltage fixtures for high efficiency lighting. Low voltage fixtures require a low voltage transformer. Pair this fixture with our LED light bulbs for extra energy savings.

Free Spare Parts Included!
  • 1 X Flat Glass/Gasket Assembly
  • 1 X Screw Assembly Set
Lifetime guarantee not to rust or corrode
  • Solid Cast Brass Construction
  • Lifetime Guarantee not to Rust or Corrode
  • WetSlide™ "Bubble Glass" Allows the water to slide right off the tempered glass
  • LightEcho™ Reflector
  • Extended 30' SVT UL Certified Shielded Cable
  • Brass Surface Mounting Base
  • Brass Hand Adjustable "Twin" Lock Exclusive Wing-nut Swivel
  • WireGuard™ Bushings - extends the life of the fixture
  • This outdoor underwater light is years ahead of any other unit made!
Material Cast Brass
Voltage 12V
Socket UL Certified JC Bi-Pin (E230758)
Bulb Type MR11
Power Rating 35w Max
Mounting Surface
Brass Weight 1.95 lbs
Product Dimensions:
Please read this instruction sheet carefully.
Luminaires must be installed in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and local codes. Failure to do so may result in serious injury and/or damage to the luminaire.

SAFETY WARNING: Luminaire can become very hot, depending on lamp wattage used. Lens and metal around the lamp can become hot enough to blister/burn hands. Particular care should be taken not to place luminaires where small children can reach them, especially when high wattage lamps are used.

To avoid electrical shock, turn off the power at the circuit breaker before starting your installation project.

  • Turn off/unplug and allow fixture to cool before replacing lamp.
  • Lamps get hot quickly! Contact only switch/plug when turned on.
  • Do not touch hot lens, guard or enclosure
  • Keep lamp away from amterial that may burn
  • Do not touch the lamp directly at any time. Use a soft cloth. Oil from the skin may damage the lamp when illuminated.
  • Do not operate luminaire fitting with a missing or damaged cover.
NOTE: Always use UL recognized wire connectors.

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