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12V In Ground Mono Directional Well Light Landscape Lighting Kit - Marker Lights - PGC3B-BI-KIT

12V In Ground Mono Directional Well Light Landscape Lighting Kit - Marker Lights - PGC3B-BI-KIT

5.00 LBS
$38.00 OFF

AQLIGHTING provides a kit with the mono directional mushroom covers that will provide clear directional lighting on walkways or landscapes. The strong design of these fixtures balances the ability to direction the light down while blocking any spread of the beam from unintentional up lighting. This cover is truly designed for pathway lighting, driveway markers, or discrete ground cover lighting in high traffic areas of your yard.

One directional light

Driveway, Pathway, and Walkway Lighting Kit

  • DIY outdoor 12v, in ground well light kit provides:
    • Mono Directional Light Cover
    • 3 MR16, 20w 12v bulbs
    • 100ft of 16 gauge direct burial cable
    • 60w transformer
  • In addition you can use these same fixtures with your current 120v system just remember to adjust the bulbs and wiring to meet your needs.
  • Line your driveway, walkway, or side yards with the mushroom covered in ground well lights for an illuminated soft barrier between walking areas and protected garden areas.

UL Listed 60w Outdoor Transformer

  • AQLighting provides brass mushroom covers to avoid rust or corrosion that may occur from outdoor weather conditions.
  • The in ground well lights are built from heavy duty composite and nicely compliment the tough brass mushroom cover.
    • Add extra protection for the wiring of your outdoor lighting kit with Injecta-seal.
    • This addition will help your fixture deter bugs from snacking on your wires.

Beam Spread

  • Since this cover is purely directional there is little difference between the differing beam spreads.
  • The cover itself directs the light outward at a low level, while blocking it from escaping up.
  • The beam spread options don’t have a visual impact like they would for an open faced in ground well light.

NOTE: The transformer selected for this kit is selected to support the 3 in ground low voltage well lights included. If your project plans to include more landscape lighting fixtures, please select a more power transformer to ensure the capacity will be enough to brilliantly illuminate your outdoor living space. If you want any recommendations, give our client service team a call.

Material ABS Composite Fixture Body / Brass Mushroom Cover
Voltage 12V / 120V
Socket Type Adjustable JC Bi-Pin Socket
Bulb Type MR11 / MR16 / Bi-Pin Cluster
Power Rating 50w Max Per Fixture
Mounting Below Grade / In Ground
Fixture Weight 3.75 lbs.



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