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AQLighting LED Pathway Brass Landscape Lighting Kit - 6 Walkway Lights, with Transformer and Direct Burial Cable Included

AQLighting LED Pathway Brass Landscape Lighting Kit - 6 Walkway Lights, with Transformer and Direct Burial Cable Included

25.00 LBS
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Walkway and Garden bed Lighting

AQLighting put together a DIY pathway lighting kit for the brilliant illumination of your walkways, succulent gardens, and low foliage landscape areas. The canopy on each of the 6 walkway fixtures directs 200 lumens worth of 2700k warm white lighting 360 degrees along the ground, while shielding you from unattractive bulb glare. This pathway light kit is perfect for creating a soft, visual barrier between landscaped areas and walkways. The beautiful brass finish provides a natural, raw appearance that allows the lighting to feel at home in any landscape design. Illuminate your blooming spring garden, line your driveway, or create an inviting entryway with AQLighting’s brass pathway lighting kit.


Pathway Landscape Lighting Kit

  • 6 brass, 17” tall with a canopy nearly 8” in diameter area lights.
  • 6 12v, 2w Dimmable JC BiPin bulbs in 2700k rated for 25,000+ hours of life.
  • 6 Mounting Stakes to ensure your wiring has the ultimate protection from the great outdoors.
    • For further security, add our Injecta-seal option to help deter pesky bugs from degrading your wire connections.
  • 60w Outdoor Rated Transformer, so you have room to add additional in ground well lights, spot lights, or security lighting if your landscape design desires
  • 100ft of 16 gauge direct burial cable for easy install of the low voltage system.
    • Small install tip, make a comfortable loop at each location you intend to install a fixture. This will ensure you’ll have enough slack in the wire to easily make you run from the transformer to each area light.
  • Available in a low voltage option of 12v for a simple install, can convert to 120v commercial grade kit with modifications to the wire, transformer, and installation methods.

Built to Last

  • Area lights are made of brass to ensure reliability.
  • Mounting stakes allow for each fixture to be installed effortlessly, while keeping the wire connections safe of the elements.
  • Outdoor rated JC BiPin LED bulbs are fully dimmable, and rated to last over 50,000 hours.

Dimmable Warm White LED JC BiPin Bulbs

  • Provide 200 lumens worth of light while only drawing 2w of energy.
    • This is comparable to a 20w halogen bulb, but with ridiculous savings on your energy bill.
  • 2700k warm white LED bulb rated to last 50,000+ hours.

Included in this Kit:

  • 6x LED-PASH-L-100 Bronze Cast Brass Shade Assembly
  • 6x Bronze Cast Brass 17" Stems
  • 6x 12V 2w CoB Warm White LED JC Bi-Pin Bulb
  • 6x HSPK3 Stake Mounted Splice Containment Hub
  • 1x 100' 16ga Direct Burial Cable
  • 1x Outdoor Rated Transformer
Area Light Specifications
Material Cast Brass
Voltage 12V
Socket Listed JC Bi-Pin
Bulb Type Bi-Pin Cluster
Power Rating 50w Max
Mounting Ground / Surface
Fixture Weight 2.50 lbs
Certifications UL Listing E230758



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