600w Outdoor Rated Multi-Tap Transformer PTXKM22-600

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600w Outdoor Rated Multi-Tap Transformer PTXKM22-600
Multi-tap, outdoor rated 600w low voltage transformer is a perfect power source for homeowner landscape lighting systems. Encased in durable stainless steel, this multi-volt transformer was designed to thrive even in the worst of environments. This transformer features a built-in On/Off toggle but also boasts the feature of adding a photocell and/or hour timer controller(s) for automatic control of your lighting systems. Voltage drop is no longer a concern with our multi-tap system; simply choose the right output for your low voltage lights based on distance between the transformer and the first light fixture in your run and let the transformer do the rest of the work for you. UL listed and warrantied for 10 years (internal components), you can set your mind at ease with this transformer.

Stainless Steel Housing for Transformer Super Heavy Duty Construction:
Commercial grade in nature, this outdoor rated transformer was made from the ground up to be extremely resiliant against the effects of the great outdoors. The transformer core is encased in a sturdy housing of stainless steel that will never rust or corrode, no matter the environment. Complete with a 5.5' grounded power cable, everything on this transformer is made to tough out the worst weather, even if it doesn't need to.
12-to-22-volt-taps-multi-volt-300w-stainless-steel-transformer-1.jpg Multi-Volt System:
Depending on your application, voltage drop is a serious concern for those looking for high light output from their lighting fixtures. Voltage drop occurs when there is a significant distance between your power source and your lighting fixture. This problem is circumnavigated with the multi-tap system. If you discover that your system is experiencing voltage drop, you have the ability to set up to the next available voltage to correct for it instead of buying a new transformer.
ptx150-15-timer-photocell-2.jpg Compatible with Automatic Controllers:
Able to incorporate both our commercial grade photocell and hour timer controllers, you never need concern yourself with energy saving practices again. The hour timer has the ability to control the hours of operation of your transformer to your personal whims while the photocell only allows your system to turn on in low light situations. Either can be used independantly or in conjuction to allow your transformer to function without you having to do anything (after initial setup).
Lifetime warranty against rust/corrosion, 10 year warranty on transformer internal components and 1 year warranty on clock timer, photocell, breakers and terminal blocks.

300w Outdoor Rated Transformer PTXKM22 Dimensions

Voltage (Input) 120V AC Input
Voltage (Output) Multi-Tap Options: 12V / 13V / 14V / 15V / 17V / 20V / 22V
Material Stainless Steel Housing/Magnetic Toroidal Core
Max Wattage 600w Total
Mounting Ground or Surface
Fixture Weight 25 lbs
Listing ETL, UL Listed for Outdoor/Damp Locations

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