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LED Stainless Steel Landscape Spot Light With Stake Mount - LES-SSDX-900

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LED stainless steel directional low voltage spotlight. The accent hood keeps the light source concealed from direct view, making this the ideal spotlight for more discrete lighting applications. This sealed, underwater-ready spotlight includes a sealed convex glass lens, which expands the volume of illumination. Pair this fixture with our warm white or cool white LED MR16 light bulbs for high energy savings, long operational lifetime and brilliant illumination. Eco-friendly, this fixture does not use any kind of lead or mercury in its construction. Rugged stainless steel makes this spotlight invulnerable to deterioration from UV rays. Please note: this stainless steel outdoor spotlight fixture is completely watertight so it can be used in areas with high amounts of water without worry. This fixture can work even when completely submerged in water so it can take on anything that mother nature can throw its way.
*This is a stake model light fixture. If you are looking for a wall/surface mount fixture see the PSB-BSDX-900.


Solid Cast Swivel and Head Piece:

AQL's Solid Stainless Steel Spotlights' quality is unmatched at the best price built and designed to withstand all weathers and the process of time. AQL's new and improved solid stainless steel swivel design with screw adjustment is weather proof and won't change direction under extreme weather. Set it once right, set it for life!


Clear WaterSlide Convex Tempered Glass Lens

Ingenious bubble style lens! AQL designed this LED spotlight to withstand extreme weather and function during heavy rain lighting where you want it to all the time. With our clear WaterSlide convex lens, water will not stay on the lens and not affect the illumination of your choosing. Our angle shield prevents side glare from the spotlight to allow for a more discrete light source.


Exclusive Mount Bracket:

AQL's exclusive stainless steel stake mount bracket allows you to mount this LED stainless steel spotlight on the high quality heavy duty super stake that is included with this fixture.

Free Items Included!

These items come free with our premium LED spot lights:

  • 1 x 12V 3w LED Cool/Warm White MR16 Bulb
  • 1 x Super Stake (12V only)

Low Voltage Landscape Spotlight

We designed this fixture to work with a 12v line, you will need a low voltage transformer to power this fixture.

  • Stainless Steel Construction for the Long Lifetime and Highest Quality Fixture
  • Lifetime Guarantee Not to Rust or Corrode
  • WireGuard™ Bushing to Help Protect the Wires from Shearing
  • UL Certified JC Bi-Pin Socket
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Slip Mounted to Arm with Stainless Steel Mounting Base
  • Clear WaterSlide™ Convex (Bubble Style) Tempered Glass Lens
  • Angled Glare Shield Cover Design
  • 30' STV Underwater Lead Cable
Material Stainless Steel
Voltage 12v
Socket UL certified JC Bi-Pin (E230758)
Bulb Type MR16
Power Rating 50w Max
Mounting Ground / Surface
Weight 1.25 lbs



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