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LED Outdoor Solar Floor Lamp - Terra Furniture Contemporary

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BRAND: Terra
Custom-made in the USA to your specification – Please allow 2 to 4 weeks
5.00 LBS
LED Outdoor Solar Floor Lamp - Terra Furniture Contemporary
AQLIGHTING is proud to showcase the first ultra high end solar floor lamp. Made of high quality materials rated for outdoor use, this solar floor lamp will make it easy to enhance any outdoor design job. The lamp will automatically turn on at dusk to add light to your outdoor furniture adding a touch of warmth and beauty. Why use solar? Outdoor solar lamps are a great way to limit un-wanted electric cable, there is no risk of shock with a wet fixture and the materials used in this high end lamp are made to resist the weather.

Custom made in the USA to your specification, please allow 2 to 3 weeks:

This solar floor lamp has been designed with the highest quality materials and LED technology:

  • Solar powered floor lamp
  • Aluminum construction for base and solar unit.
  • Aluminum construction for the body of the lamp.
  • Sunbrella™ Shade comes off and is washable.
  • 3 levels of brightness. Run time is 8 hours on low, 6 hours on medium and 4 hours on high (40W equivalent).
  • Photosensor turns unit on at night and off with daylight
  • 60 inches high, shade is 23.5 inches wide and 15 inches in depth
Before ordering, please read the following:

Shade Colors: The shade is made of high end sunbrella canvas and is washable. We offer the shade in the following colors:

Base Colors:  The base is made of aluminum. We offer the base in the following colors:

Main Body Colors:  The body of the lamp is made of high-end aluminum. We offer the main body in the following colors:

Length: 23.5"
Depth: 15"
Height: 60"
1 year warranty.
Voltage 5.5V
Power Draw 3 x 1500 Mah AA NI-MH Rechargeable batteries
Bulb Type Cree LED
Switch 3 Light Levels - Low, Medium and High
Photosensor Turns on at night and off during the day

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