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Shown with Open Face Cover

12V LED Enclosed Composite In Ground Well Light w/ Open Face Cover - LEDGC4B

2.00 LBS
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The AQLIGHTING LED in-ground composite enclosed well light runs on 12 volt, is easy to install and will give a great look to your landscaping job. Light up trees, walls and more with this ultra durable in-ground lighting fixture. Designed in the USA, the LEDGC-4B fixture is built to last a life time. Choose from one of the LEDGC-4B covers below to suit your needs.
The LEDGC-4B in-ground well light comes with a watertight flat glass lens which will minimize dried condensation on your fixture.
The LEDGC-4B LED in ground lights have been designed for installation directly into the dirt making it an easy to install in-ground light.

In Ground Well Light Cover Options

AQLIGHTING designed this fixture for looks and durability. Choose one of the covers below depending on your durability needs:

Flat Grill Cover
Our grill is designed to protect the glass of your in ground light from passing object like debris, trimmers and edgers.
pgc4b-flat-grill-cover-composite.jpg Curved Grill Cover
The curved grill cover is designed to protect the glass of your in-ground lighting fixture from falling objects like coconuts, rocks or pinecones.
pgc4b-curved-composite-grill-black.jpg Open Cover
Our open cover option is great for a clean, modern look where protection to the glass fixture is not needed such as in garden away from trees, landscaped flower areas, and more...

Let's Go Green

We offer energy savings LED bulbs with this in-ground light. Use our Warm White 12v PAR36 LED bulb which consumes only 6 watts for 45 watts of light output equivalent to incandescent bulbs and has a rated lifespan of 25,000 hours. (Note: Lifespan of bulb may differ depending on the use.)

Need a Photocell?

Install a photocell on the transformer for your 12v in-ground pathway lights and never have to worry about turning these pathway lights on or off.


The LEDGC-4B in ground lighting fixtures comes standard with a 12 volt 6w LED cool white bulb, you can upgrade to more powerful bulbs or change the type of light color with our warm white LED bulb.


The LEDGC-4B in ground lights are designed to work with 12 volts making it a safe fixture for all weather conditions. Check out the AQLIGHTING low voltage transformers based on the quantity of fixtures installed. Use our LED Bulbs to turn this fixture into an eco-friendly in ground well light saving over 75% in energy cost at equivalent lumens.


  • 1x Standard Flat Glass Lens
  • 1x Polished Full Cup Mirror Reflector
  • 1x Adjustable Socket (Exclusive Design)
  • Solid Cast Composite Construction
  • WireGuard Bushing helps protects wires
  • Clear WaterSlide Convex (Bubble) Tempered Glass Lens
  • Wet Seal Silicon Gasket
Material ABS Composite
Voltage 12V
Bulb Type PAR36
Power Rating 50w Max
Mounting In-Ground
Weight 2.8 lbs



Retrofitting your In-Ground Landscape Lighting

Tree Uplighting Demonstration

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