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120V In Line 350w Dimming Controller & Remote Kit

120V In Line 350w Dimming Controller & Remote Kit

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Easily install, control and dim your LED rope lights and string lights from ~100 feet away with this full range dimmer with RF remote included. Capable of supporting up to 350w, this in-line dimming controller works for both incandescent and LED fixtures. It’s also ETL listed for outdoor applications, making it resistant to moisture. By using this revolutionary unit, you can forget about splicing and soldering wires for all your dimming needs!

25% Dimmed Light 50% Dimmed Light 75% Dimmed Light 100% Dimmed Light

Full Range and Preset Dimming:
Full range dimming means you can set the light output exactly the way you want for any occasion! The wireless remote also features preset dimming buttons at 25%, 50%, 70% and 100% so you can quickly change light output on the fly.

RF Signal 100ft Range RF Signal with 100ft Range:
The included wireless remote uses a strong RF signal that has a maximum distance of 100 ft! You can be anywhere at home and still dim your string lights!
Plug and Play String Light DimmerPlug and Play:
Forget splicing and soldering wires, with this rope light and tape light in-line dimmer/controller, you have full range dimming control right at your fingertips! Simply plug your incandescent or LED fixture and customize light output with a touch of a button.
ETL Listed Logo ETL Listed:
This unit is ETL listed for outdoor lighting applications like patios, gazebos, backyards, and much more. The socket is also moisture resistant to help prevent electrical damage.
Voltage 120V AC
Plug Type 2-Pin Power Connector
Max Capacity 350w
Dimming Range 0 - 100%
Dimensions 27" Length
Certifications cETLus Listed for Wet Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

120V In Line Dimming Controller & Remote Kit

Will the dimmer make the lights flicker?

No, this will dim the lights smoothly from 100% down to 5% and the jump to the pre-defined lighting levels is also instantaneous.

Will the remote work with multiple receivers?

Yes, but if you have multiple dimmer controllers it could cause signal interference.

Can the dimmer be used on a refrigerator?

No, the refrigerator compressor usually needs 110V to run and using a dimmer can damage it.

Does the dimmer retain it's setting after being unplugged? I ask because I intend to use this downstream of a timer that would turn on only at night?

No the dimmer does not retain it's setting after losing power. The dimmer will automatically default to full brightness when power is regained.

Is there a 3 prong version of this dimmer?

No there is not a 3 prong version of this dimmer. Most outdoor lighting strings do not have a ground prong. Christmas lights are a good example, you will not find indoor or outdoor Christmas lights with a ground prong. The same is true for our rope lighting and decorative light strings, no ground prong. The ground prong is typically required when the object is made of metal which could be electrified if a loose wire became in contact. If this happened the ground wire would direct the flow of electricity to the ground and not to a human. There are no exposed metal parts present in the dimmer or rope light or decorative string lights.

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