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Commercial Grade LED String Light Power Adapter

LED String Light Power Adapter

American Lighting
1.75 LBS
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Power adapter designed specifically for the commercial grade LED string lights from American Lighting. This power adapter features a coaxial design that protects the system against tension damage and ensure matching polarity when installing. The adapter comes with a 120V polarized stacked plug with replaceable 3-amp fuse which protects your light strings against spiking current and is easily replaceable, a built-in LED rectifier that can handle up to 125 consecutively attached light strings (3,125 LEDs in total) and an O-ring gasket which prevents water from entering the housing and shorting out your lights. The stackable plug means that you don't have to sacrifice outlets when lighting your home or business as you can plug other appliances right into the top of it without unplugging your lighting system, handy for those who are working with limited wall sockets. This adapter is required for your commercial grade LED light strings so make sure that when you order yours, you already have one and you're just adding to a pre-existing system or you add this unit to your cart.
•Coaxial design to reduce tension damage on string light system
•Built-in LED rectifier which can handle up to 125 light strings
•Compression fitting speeds installation by quickly attaching to string lights
•120V polarized stacked plug with replaceable 3-amp fuse
•O-ring gasket prevents water and environmental into the system

Voltage 120V 60Hz
Material Pre-assembled Durable Plastic on 20AWG Copper Wire

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