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Winter Gala Collection 3' Christmas Wreath

36" Winter Gala LED Christmas Wreath

15.00 LBS
$31.00 OFF
Show your festive spirit with this 36" Christmas wreath. Made from our line of mixed foliage garlands and matched with 100 warm white mini LED light bulbs, the wreath is made ready to hang the very moment you receive it. We only use the best material for this wreath. This is a high end product which will last season after season after season. Fully UV protected it will look new years down the road. Our Christmas wreath is backed by our 5 year warranty because you have enough to worry about during the holiday season. Ideal Christmas decoration, hang it anywhere indoors or outdoors. 

warm-white-mini-led-lights.jpg High Efficiency LED Technology:
Each wreath is adorned in 100 warm white mini LED light bulbs, which use up to 90% less energy than their incandescent counterparts. In addition, these LEDs feature a mono-mold design, sealing them from environmental hazards.
UV Protection READ THIS:
THIS IS THE FEATURE OUR COMPETITORS DO NOT HAVE. OUR WREATH WILL LOOK THE SAME SEASON AFTER SEASON BECAUSE OF OUR UV COATING. We only use the BEST materials. This is high end wreath! Made for both indoor and outdoor applications in mind, this 3' wreath has been coated with UV inhibitors to preserve the color of the foliage, ornaments and light bulbs so it will look the same as the day you ordered it. Coupled with our 5 year warranty, you have a holiday decoration that will last at least half a decade.
winter-gala-x-mas-christmas-36-inch-decorated-wreath.jpg Ready to Hang:
This wreath comes fully decorated directly from our warehouse, so instead of having to assemble anything, you simply can hang the wreath in your home/office and plug it in. No muss, no fuss, because we believe that you have more important things to worry about during the holiday season.
Utilizing the new mono-piece design for LED light strings, we have eliminated the environmental factor from lighting. No longer will you be worried about your precious light bulbs facing the cold, the wind or the rain.

5 year limited warranty against defects in construction.

Voltage 120V
Socket Type N/A Mono-Piece LED Light String
Bulb Type LED Mini Lights
Bulb Count 100
Power Draw 4.8w
Foliage Type Mixed
Mounting Wall Mount
Fixture Weight 15 lbs

Product Dimensions

36 Inch Winter Gala Christmas Wreath Dimensions

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