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In Scene Shown in Pure White

12V LED Snowfall Animated String Light

American Lighting
2.15 LBS
String Length required
Color required
Create the look of falling snow with random chase LED light strings, designed just for those wonderful winter months. Line your house or business with them or hang them from your trees to create a winter wonderland of light. Available in multiple lengths sizes, you can create your own unique display of falling snow. These lights are highly energy efficient (~70% savings compared to incandescent lighting) so you can save big during the holiday seasons. Contact our AQL sales staff to have them put together an unique kit just for you.

Please note: when you are buying this product, you are only buying the individual string light and it will not operate without the corresponding 12V power supply and wiring harness.

How the System Works
LED Snowfall String Light System Explained
  • A unique new look for seasonal decor employs low energy (less than 5 watts per string) and long lasting LEDs
  • Snowfall strings have between 64 to 256 LEDs per string
  • Available in pure white or warm white colors
  • Lengths from 0.5 to 3 meters (19.685 to 118.11 inches) in half meter increments - timing of "snowfall" pattern varies by length
  • Easy to install - simply connect plug to power supply to one (or more) harnesses and attach snowfall strings to harness
  • 3 power supply options for small, medium or large scale installations (found here)
Voltage 12V 60Hz
Construction Aluminum Stranded Wire with Clear Jacket / Clear PVC Supports
Wattage per String 1.5w (1.64') / 2.4w (3.28'-4.92') / 3.6w (6.56'-8.2') / 4.8w (9.84')
Color Temperature Warm White (2700K) / Pure White (3000K)
Diode Count 64 (1.64') / 128 (3.28'-4.92') / 192 (6.56'-8.2') / 256 (9.84')
Rated Lifetime ~60,000+ hours
Maximum Run 36 / 60 / 150 watts (depending on power supply)

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