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CTV109 12V MR16 Track Light  White

White 12V Barn Door Track Light CTV109

1.00 LBS
$17.00 OFF
# of Circuits
Track Light Head; 12V Low voltage classic style with light shield MR16 round back track head light is available in white or black. This classic track head is compatible with most halo or other track systems, be sure you purchase components designed for the same standard. Our AQL technical staff can assist if you have any questions. This 12V track light head is also available in single or dual circuits: The difference with a single circuit is all of the fixtures must be controlled at the same time. Example: on/off or dimming. Where as the dual circuit allows the fixtures to be isolated into two groups controlled independently. Please note it must be wired appropriately to allow the independent control of the two groups of fixtures. Track lighting offers the perfect versatile indoor lighting system for an office, commercial space, bedroom, over an entertainment area, it’s a modern clean efficient way to illuminate a room or target areas for task lighting.
  • 12V Metal track head with a poly carbon transformer case
  • Fits a Single or Dual Circuit Track
  • Accent feature the shutters allows you to define the direction of the light
  • High Temp braided wire with nylon matching cover
  • Installation: Dry Interior Locations
  • 1 year Guarantee
  • UL Approved
  • Compatible with most Halo Track Systems
Voltage 12v
Socket UL Approved JC Bi-Pin
Bulb Type MR16
Wattage 50w
Transformer Electronic
Mounting Track
Weight 0.95lbs
Product Dimensions:

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