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24V 2' X 2' Custom Star Panel Ceiling Lights

24V 2' X 2' Custom Star Panel Ceiling Lights

Tube Lighting
2.00 LBS
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Due to the nature of this product, it must be custom created. Please email us at or call us at 1(800) 865-7221 to order this product.
Can be used on its own or integrated with other lights such as chandeliers, recessed downlights, track lighting and many more. Excellent for your ceiling and walls! Great for bars, restaurants, foyers, lounges, theaters, casinos, over display cases, or exhibit projects. Adds a great touch to waiting rooms or lobbies, offices, stores, and with or Coast Guard Approved Version, it will work great on boats, ships and yachts as well.
  • UL Approved
  • 3 Different Brightnesses Within Each Panel to Realistically Simulate Night Sky
  • Random Penetrations or Pattern Penetrations (to match constellations or create specific patterns)
  • Plug-in Leads for Easy Installation
  • Colored Bulbs Available (White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple)
  • Available in Shiny Black Acrylic or 2 Types of Black Acoustic
  • T-Bar or Surface Mountable
Voltage 24V
Wattage 12w (0.5w per bulb)
Panel Size 23.625" X 23.625"
Bulb Type 5v T-1 0.5w Wire Terminal Bulbs
Bulbs per Section 24 Bulbs per 2X2 panel
Wiring 25G AWG Insulated Copper Wire
Lead Wire 18 AWG Stranded TFFN
Mounting T-Bar / Surface Mounted
Insulation Non-Flammable Fiberglass Lagging Fabric
Rated Lifetime 80,000+ Hours
Certifications UL Listed / Coast Guard Approval 164.009/212/0 / "Ceiling Zero" Fire Rating / USG OmniFissure Firecode (1 Hour)
Product Dimensions:
Star Panel Dimensions
These star panels are offered in your choice of 3 different materials:
1) OmniFissure 23.625" X 23.625" X 0.625" Thick Acoustic with One Hour Fire Rating (most used for residential/commercial applications
2) Ceramic Heritage 23.625" X 23.625" X 0.625" Thick Acoustic with "Ceiling Zero" fire properties (Coast Guard Approved); used in nautical applications (boats, ships, yachts, etc)
3) Shiny Acrylic 23.625" X 23.625" X 0.625" Thick Sheeting
What's the difference?
The black acrylic material is not only our most popular, but it provides the most realistic night sky effect because of its smooth, shiny and clean look. Acoustic panels are simply that, and acoustic panel that we paint in black. Acoustic panels are generally found in most commercial establishments and they are the panels that have that texture/holes/crevices. We are sure that you have seen them; in fact, if you are in an office, there are probably many over your head right now.

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