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Endura Rope Light Orange Main View

150ft Reel, 120V Endura Rope Dimmable Epistar LED IP65 Waterproof Orange Light, Flexible Lighting, Cuttable, Best Warranty In Industry -RLR-END-ORG

18.00 LBS
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Top-Spec Epistar LEDs 18 Gauge Heavy Duty Wire Gold Wire Welding Precision Capacitors Standard 8 amp Rectifiers


AQLIGHTING proudly presents our new and improved 120V endura led rope light! Get ready for the holidays with this carefully designed rope light featuring 150ft of top-spec epistar LEDs casting a better and brighter light with more vivid coloring. This rope lights construction features an 18 gauge copper wire upgrade that is housed in a UV treated tube granting long lasting durability and easier manipulation when installing. To make this light even better we backed it up with a 5 year indoor warranty or 3 year outdoor warranty. The light comes standard with a factory-attached power cord and end cap although an additional accessory kit is offered as well to allow you to cut the rope at any desired length to better suit your applications. With its revolutionized design and high-end specifications, the endura LED rope light by AQLighting will surely be the best rope light you ever bought.

Endura Rope Warm White LED Rope Light Close Up


  • Offers the 470Ω standard capacitors as well as the 620Ω precision capacitors. (Ω = ohms)
  • This capacitor is low temperature coefficient.
  • Offers an operating ambient temperature range from -55°C to +155°C allowing the resistor to remain stable under all conditions.
  • Provides greater moisture resistance for outdoor applications.
  • Features an excellent high frequency performance.
  • Ultimately, the PRECISION CAPACITOR will greatly increase the lifetime of the rope.

Gold Wiring for Improved Performance


  • Gold Wire Welding is superior in electrical conductivity.
  • Features thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, curvature, breaking force, corrosion resistance, and chemical stability.
  • Due to the thousands of connections that the Endura rope light has, gold wire welding dramatically increases the lifespan of the rope light.

Warm White Endura Rope Heavy Copper Wire


  • Heavy gauge wire equates to a more stable conductivity for an increased lifespan.
  • This rope light features a 1500 watt 18 gauge copper wire that exceeds the standard 20 gauge with a maximum of 880 watts.
  • A thicker wire provides easier manipulation when installing the rope light.

Rope Light Epistar LED Diode

The Epistar Diode

  • This rope light features the new super bright Epistar LED, making it the most impressive rope light you can buy.
  • Founded in 1996, the Epistar LAB of Taiwan is firmly established as the world’s leading LED supplier and is continuously exploring new possibilities.
  • Made of the worlds most efficient, high-strength red and blue LED's.
  • The Epistar diode is so powerful, competitors won't even know who made it.


Everyone uses rope light differently so we've created 3 accessory kits to better cater to our customers. Every roll of our LED rope light comes out of the box ready to go, but should you require the ability to create multiple smaller runs from your spool, you'll need more than just the basic roll.

*The standard kit comes already installed with your LED rope light spool. The premium and deluxe kits comes as a separate accessory bundle.

Standard Kit

Standard LED Rope Light Kit
  • LED Rope Light 150' Spool
  • 1x 2Ft 2 Wire Power Cord (Attached)
  • 1x 2 Wire Power Connector (Attached)
  • 1x 1/2" End Cap (Attached)

Premium Kit

Premium LED Rope Light Kit
  • LED Rope Light 150' Spool
  • 2x 2Ft 2 Wire Power Cord*
  • 2x 2 Wire Power Connector*
  • 2x 1/2" End Cap*
  • 100x Mounting Clips

Deluxe Kit

Deluxe LED Rope Light Kit
  • LED Rope Light 150' Spool
  • 3x 2Ft 2 Wire Power Cord*
  • 2x 6Ft 2 Wire Power Cord
  • 5x 2 Wire Power Connector*
  • 5x 2 Wire Invisible Splice Connectors
  • 5x 1/2" End Cap*
  • 150x Mounting Clips

How to Cut Rope Light

For information on how to cut 120v rope light, click here for our exclusive, in-depth guide

Material UV-Protected Clear Flexible PVC
Voltage 120V AC
Diode Type Epistar Diode
Power Draw 1.12w per foot
Light Output ~130 Lumens per foot
Color Orange
Dimming Capacity 5% - 100%
Cut Marks Every 30"
Rectifier Capacity 8A
Max Run 150ft
Dimensions 1/2" Diameter X 150'
Certifications cETLus Listed for Indoor/Outdoor Use
Specification Sheet Download

Dimensions Diagram

513PRO Series Product Diagram

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Commercial Grade Dimmable LED Rope Light, 120V IP65 WaterProof Endura Series

Can this be cut for different lengths?

The Endura Series Rope light can be cut every 30". There is white printing to indicate the spots where it is safe to cut.

What is the diameter of this rope light?

The Endura series rope light has a 1/2" diameter.

Can you use a standard 110V wall dimmer for these lights?

Yes as long there the dimmer is LED compatible and has enough capacity to handle the wattage.

Can end caps and starter cords be purchased separately and at what cost?

Yes, 2' power cords are $8.99, 6' power cords are $11.99 and end caps are $0.95. These pages are not currently up on the Amazon site. It would be best to contact Amazon directly to help with the transaction.

Where were these made at?

This rope light was made in China per AQ Lighting's manufacturing specs.

What is the total length?

The total length of the Endura Pro Series rope light is 150ft.

Do you have to use a special dimmer with this product? Does have any recommended style dimmers to use?

Any dimmer designed for CFL or LED light bulbs are compatible. We recommend the Lutron DVCL or the Legrand Wattstopper RHCL453PTC. The Lutron will be able to dim up to 150 watts of LED lighting and the wattstopper can go up to 450 watts. For more info, please call the AQLighting Group technical department at 800-865-7221.

What is the difference between standard and premium kits??

The standard kit comes with 150' of rope light, 1 factory attached power cord and 1 factory attached end cap. The premium kit includes 150' of rope light, 1 factory attached power cord,1 factory attached end cap, 1 additional 2' power cord, 1 additional end cap and 100 mounting clips. For more in depth information please call the AQ Lighting tech department at 800-865-7221.

Can I hang items from the Endura Rope Light? Ex: Plant Pots, Signs, etc.

No, all rope light should be supported minimally every 15' and should never be used to support other objects.

Is there a way that I can split the Endura Rope into two separate runs?

We do not offer a "Y" splitter however, we do have accessories like "T's", "X's" and even multi connectors.

Can the center-most portion of the Endura Rope Light be submerged in water?

No, Endura rope is IP65 which means that it can handle outdoor weather conditions but it can never be submerged.

Customer Submitted Photos

Indoor Pool Installation

Endura Rope Light Pool Example

Outdoor Tropical Tree Design

Endura Rope Light Tree Installation

Warm White Kitchen Installation

Endura Rope Light Kitchen Example

Patriotic Spiraled Flag

Patriotic Rope Light Example

Palm Tree Design

Patriotic Rope Light Example

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