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3-Light RGBW LED Pond Light Composite Underwater Spotlight, Remote Control NSC Kit, LED Bulbs Included - OUWL-02-L-RGBW

15.00 LBS
$80.01 OFF
# of 3FT Jumpers required
# of 6FT Jumpers required
# of 15FT Jumpers required
# of 30FT Jumpers required

Note: For longer runs, some applications may experience Voltage Drop. Click to learn more.


All bulbs should be programmed INDIVIDUALLY before they are installed permanently.
The RF signal will not penetrate water. So once they are installed in the fountain or pond you cannot change the programming unless you lift the fixture out of the water.

N.S.C. System Connection Example

LEDUM002 NSC Wiring System Connection Sample

The AQLIGHTING underwater RGBW LED pond lighting and landscape lighting kit combines massive energy savings, high light output and stunning durability. This DIY outdoor underwater lighting kit features x3 heavy duty composite submersible lighting fixtures, x3 12V LED bulbs, x2 NSC jumpers, x2 NSC t-connections, and a 15ft power cord, as well as our exclusive UL-approved 150w outdoor rated transformer. Each fixture is constructed from high quality ABS material. The unique Mason Jar style of the underwater RGBW fixture provides a tool free removal, and the optional brass surface mounting base ensures that the fixture will install hassle-free, survive the elements of nature and give you full lighting control. Additionally, these submersible fountain lights feature our revolutionary NSC system, which enables you to install the entire system without wire strippers. Everything about this LED pond light kit is designed to withstand the test of time. Additionally, this system uses smart technology to save energy, as the transformer has a built-in photocell which turns the underwater system off when it is daylight, and back on when night falls. The no splice connection (NSC) underwater lighting kit has everything you need to turn your fountain or pond into a beautiful oasis, and the RGBW gives you the ultimate color control.



  • Control your light system in 4 separate zones, or control all your NSC fixtures at once, the RGBW control allows for unique light displays.
  • The W in RGBW enhances the coloration control of your white bulb hue -- so add to your current exterior lighting design without fear of mismatched bulb coloration.
  • The RGB is not simply red, green, and blue -- the color wheel provides a full range of colors! Enjoy red, white, and blue for the 4th of July and orange, purple, and cool white for a spooky haunted house. The color possibilities are endless!
RF Remote

RF Remote

  • Control your landscape lights with ease or set a playful holiday light display with one click.
  • Use the RF remote to create festive mixes of color or set the perfect white hue to match your existing light display effortlessly.
  • Adjust your landscape lighting coloration from the comfort of a lawn chair to celebrate holidays, gender reveals, or enhance your decor to fit your mood.
No Splice Connection Wiring System Logo

No Splice Connection NSC

  • Leave the wire strippers in your tool box, AQLighting’s NSC system makes it possible to install your entire outdoor landscape light system without tools.
  • Each connection is tool free and built to withstand severe weather conditions - saving excessive labor and making it an visually impressive DIY project with minimal effort.
  • The NSC can add another fixture at any time by simply connecting another jumper or t-connector. It is that simple. An alternative transformer is recommended for projects intending to expand.

OTR-YLP-150 Transformer

  • The heavy duty ABS material used to build this transformer is rated for outdoor use and will withstand almost any weather condition.
  • A built-in photocell for automatic operation saves energy and money, in addition the transformer has an hour timer as well for further control.
  • The OTR-YLP-150 includes a power breaker for protection against potential electrical surges.

Exclusive Wire-Through System

Wire Through System


  • 3x PUM-L-002 Fixtures
  • 3x 12V LED Bulbs
  • 1x Outdoor Rated Transformer
  • 1x NSC Power Connector
  • 2x NSC T-Connectors
  • 2x NSC Jumpers
  • 1x RF Remote


We are using some of the newest, most efficient and reliable LED's available today for it's LED MR11s and MR16s with over 40,000 hours of life span rating vs less than 2,000 for halogen and a 3,100K color temperature.


We designed the LED002 composite underwater light kits to function on 12V.


One year limited warranty against defects in construction.

Voltage 12V
Socket Type UL Certified JC Bi-Pin (E230758)
Bulb Type MR11 / MR16
Power Rating 50w Max (per fixture while submersed)
Mounting Surface
Fixture Weight 1.65 lbs.


3-Kit LED-002 Dimensions


Please read this instruction sheet carefully. Luminaires must be installed in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and local codes. Failure to do so may result in serious injury and/or damage to the luminaire.

SAFETY WARNING: Luminaire can become very hot, depending on lamp wattage used. Lens and metal around the lamp can become hot enough to blister/burn hands. Particular care should be taken not to place luminaires where small children can reach them, especially when high wattage lamps are used.


THE LIGHTED LAMP IS HOT!!! To avoid electrical shock, turn off the power at the circuit breaker before starting your installation project.


  • Turn off/unplug and allow fixture to cool before replacing lamp.
  • Lamps get hot quickly! Contact only switch/plug when turned on.
  • Do not touch hot lens, guard or enclosure
  • Keep lamp away from material that may burn
  • Do not touch the lamp directly at any time. Use a soft cloth. Oil from the skin may damage the lamp when illuminated.
  • Do not operate luminaire fitting with a missing or damaged cover.
NOTE: Always use UL recognized wire connectors.

Intro to NSC (No Splice Connection) Systems

Product Showcase - RGBW Lighting

How to Use The No Splice Connection (NSC) System

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  • 5
    RGBW Pond lights

    Posted by Chris Nichols on Jul 29th 2021

    As an electrician I can say the lights are good quality. The only downside is the remote only works if lights are closer to surface but that is not a big issue for me. Been in contact with Roxie with some questions and she's been very helpful. The NSC system is extremely easy to install. I will be ordering more landscape lighting in the near future