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Product Kit

12V RGBW LED Heavy Brass Circular Flood Light NSC Kit - RGBW-PSLDLX30-KIT

40.00 LBS
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N.S.C. System Connection Example

Wiring Guide Diagram

Heavy cast brass directional low voltage spot or flood light. Brass is the strongest material to use in an outdoor fixture to hold up against the elements. Includes a sealed convex glass lens, which will allow for the water to bead right off to maximize the illumination. Available finishes: black and bronze. Applications are vast between functional and decorative use for wall washes, security, building facades, landscapes, signs, pathways,or full mature foliage of various heights Residential or Commercial Areas: . Open face design allows for the maximum flood lighting achievable from a PAR36 bulb. You may also turn this outdoor spotlight into an energy efficient fixture by selecting AQL's LED PAR36 Bulbs! Best of Both Worlds it's a tough durable landscape fixture with the option to add extra energy savings.

PSLDLX30 Guarantee

Cast Brass LED Flood Lights

  • Made from high quality solid cast brass, this floodlight is made to endure the harsh environment of the great outdoors.
RGBW Landscape Light


  • Set each fixture as its own individual zone, or control all the fixtures at once, the RGBW control allows you to set up to 4 different zones of control for customized light displays.
  • The W in RGBW gives you full control to set the hue of white anywhere in the range of 2700k to 6500k, allowing you to add to your current outdoor lighting without fear of mismatched bulb coloration.
  • The RGB allows more than just the red, green, blue -- use the remote for a full range of colors! Enjoy red, white, and blue for the 4th of July and orange, purple, and cool white for a spooky haunted house. The color possibilities are endless!
RF Remote

RF Remote

  • Control your landscape lights with ease or set a playful holiday light display with one click.
  • Use the color wheel for playful mixes of color or set the perfect white hue to match your existing light display effortlessly.
  • Change your light displays from the comfort of a lawn chair to celebrate holidays or enhance your decorations for family celebrations.
No Splice Connection Wiring System Logo

No Splice Connection Wiring System

  • With AQLIGHTING's N.S.C. system, installing your in ground well lights will be very easy. Each point of contact is tool-free, watertight and can be connected in ~5 seconds.
  • This wiring system will save you a ton of time and labor and offers the ability to service your well lights in seconds without removing the entire system.
  • The system is also easily expandable, allowing you to dynamically change your lighting projects at moments notice.


One year limited warranty against defects in construction.

Voltage 12V
Socket Type N/A
Bulb Type PAR36
Power Rating 75w Max
Mounting Ground / Surface
Fixture Weight 4.9 lbs.


PSLDLX30 Dimensions

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