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Warm White LED Tape Light Kit, 5.5ft, Motion Sensor & Accessories Included - AQOL-5050-5.5-WW-KIT

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AQLighting designed a DIY enthusiast’s dream warm white LED tape light installation kit. This kit is designed for those residential applications that have a specific area in mind to enhance. With 5 ½ feet of IP67 rated warm white tape light you could use this kit to illuminate a vanity toe kick in a guest or master bathroom, under an infant's crib, beneath a nightstand, as well as within quiero cabinets. The opportunities for better lighting feel almost endless since this tape light is dust resistant, and can safely be submerged in water up to 3ft. Enjoy a subtle night light for late night trips to the restroom, or use the dimmer to have soft lighting for those night time feeds in the nursery, all without needing the main light of the room. The kit is complete with the 5 ½ feet of tape light, a motion sensor with customizable sensitivity and duration timing, a dimmer with a memory in the event there is a power outage, a jumper cable, and a 12v 25w transformer to lengthen the life of the tape light as well as provide an easy plug and play installation. Enjoy the soft 2700k warm white glow with 272 lumens per foot output anywhere you can clean, and stick the adhesive tape light. Brilliant, energy saving functional lighting has never been so easy to install and enjoy -- embrace your DIY desires today and improve your home’s functionality.


IP67 LED Tape Light

AQLighting’s warm white tape light offers unmatched installation versatility.

  • Dust resistant and submersible in up to 3 feet of water.
  • 3m adhesive backing, to impressively stick to a clean surface for the life of the fixture.
  • 2700k warm white, 272 lumens per foot with a dimmer provided in the kit.

Motion Sensor

  • Customized sensitivity to provide illumination when you want it, and shut the power off when you don’t
  • The duration of time the fixture is on can be determined by your personal preference.
  • 3M adhesive tape for easy, tool free installation
  • led-tape-light-84w-transformer-62682.jpg

    Dimmer Switch

  • Plug and play dimmer switch designed with customizable light output.
  • Easy installation with the jumper cable and power cord provided.
  • Automatic memory, to ensure your settings don’t change due to a power outage.
  • This Kit Includes:

    • 1 X 5.5ft Warm White LED Tape Light
    • 1 X 12V 25w Tranformer
    • 1 X Multi-Function Dimmer
    • 1 X 4-Pin Tape Light Connection Adapter
    • 1 X Motion Sensor

    What Can I Use Tape Light and Strip Light for?

    • Kitchen cabinets and under cabinet lighting
    • Display cabinet lighting such as artwork display, frames in display, and more
    • Closets
    • Pool table room, game room, TV room and more
    • Automobile use indoor and outdoor such as under carriage lighting
    • Outdoor use for lighting Gazebos, patios, rails, steps, flower beds and anything your imagination can think of!

    Pre-Installed Wiring for Convenience

    We pre-installed the female power connector to the strip light and the male power connector to the transformer. This way all you have to do is plug it in...

    LED Technology

    AQLIGHTING offers products that use some of the most efficient and reliable LED's available today for it's LED tape light systems with over 100,000 hours of life span rating vs less than 2,000 for halogen and a 3200K warm white or 5000K cool white color temperature.


    We designed the LEDAQT-55-60-WW LED tape light to run on a safe 12V current. The transformer plugs into any wall outlet and delivers a 12V DC current to the strip light.


    1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.


    Voltage 12V DC
    Material Copper Board with Silicone Epoxy
    Length 7' 10" Reel
    Power Draw 4.39w per foot
    Light Output 293 Lumens per foot
    Color Temperature Warm White (3000K)
    # of LEDs 18 LEDs per Foot
    CRI 90+
    Diode Type SMD 5050
    Certifications IP67 Submersible up to 3ft and Rated Against Dust Particles
    Cutting Lengths Cuttable Every 3.9"
    Mounting 3M Double Sided Tape


    1. Trim tape light to length.
      • Every 3 diodes there are 2 copper plates labeled + & - with a picture of a pair of scissors in between them.
      • Identify the closest section to your length and cut through the center of the plates with a pair of scissors.
    2. Install Tape
      • First, thoroughly clean the mounting surface using a damp cloth, wipe it dry and then use an alcohol wipe to make sure that all oily residue is completely removed.
      • Peel the film off the back of the tape light and stick tape to the surface.
      • Rub tape to make sure that it is secure but do not rub so hard as to damage a diode.
    3. Plug driver (transformer) into the outlet and run cord to the tape light.
    4. Plug the low voltage side of the driver into the motion sensor.
    5. Plug the motion sensor into the tape light adapter.
    6. Plug the tape light adapter into the tape light. Tape light is polarity sensitive so make sure that the arrow on the flat 4 pin side of the adapter lines up with the + copper plate on the tape light.
    7. Tape light should immediately turn on. If the tape light is too bright install the 8 stage dimmer.
    8. Unplug the motion sensor from the tape light adapter and install the 8 stage dimmer.
    9. Depressing the bottom button will make the light dimmer. Depressing the middle button will make the light brighter. This dimmer has a memory so once it is set it will remain at that setting.
    10. The motion sensor is also adjustable. You can adjust the length of time that the light stays on, the sensitivity to light and the sensitivity to motion
    11. Please follow the directions on the motion sensor package for instructions.
    12. Mount motion sensor using screws or double stick tape.

    We designed our LED tape light to make installation a breeze. Check out the blog post from DIY Play Book and see how quick and easy it is to setup!

    For more info, visit the blog post:

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