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DIY Pro Pack LED Pathway Area Light, Flat Top Mini Cone Shade, Raw Copper, Landscape Lighting 3pcs - LED-PAMI-AQ114-RC-3DIY

DIY Pro Pack LED Pathway Area Light, Flat Top Mini Cone Shade, Raw Copper, Landscape Lighting 3pcs - LED-PAMI-AQ114-RC-3DIY

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This DIY pro pack kit includes 3 raw copper area light with mini flat top shade! Comes with everything you need to light up your landscape! Small in size but big in performance, LED lights provide many benefits: energy efficient, average lifespan of ~25,000 hours, and they provide a more even and smooth light spread while producing less heat. This newly designed LED raw copper pathway light features a flat top mini cone finished with the highest quality copper and components. A light fixture that will last an eternity! Use this raw copper lighting fixture to light up your pathway, garden, gazebos, plant areas and more. If you like the raw copper look, you can clear coat the fixture as to keep that look though most will prefer the patina finish that develops with time.


Flat Top Raw Copper Area Light

  • This fixture features a two stage design: the head unit and the 11" stem.
  • The head simply screws onto the top of the stem for easy installation and cuts down on maintenance time when it's time to swap out bulbs.
  • The stem comes compatible with all the mini PASH style landscape lights.

LED JC Bi-Pin Bulbs Included

  • We provide these fixtures with an LED Warm White 2700K 2.3W JC Bi-Pin.
  • LED bulbs last far, far longer than its incandescent counterpart, typically lasting up to 25,000 hours.
  • The chip on board LED diode is encased in acrylic to protect the diode from moisture.

UL Listed 60w Outdoor Transformer

  • Included in this kit is an outdoor rated 60w Transformer made out of heavy duty ABS material.
  • Features a built in photocell and hour timer for automatic operation.
  • Also has a power breaker to provide protection for your lighting system in the event of an electrical surge.


  • 3 x 12V 2w Warm White LED JC Bi-Pin Cluster
  • 3 x Raw Copper PAMI-AQ114 Shade Assembly
  • 3 x 11" Raw Copper Stem
  • 3 x Gen Stake (12V only)
  • 1 x 60w Transformer
  • 1 x 16ga Direct Burial Cable


One year limited warranty against defects in construction.

Area Light Specifications

Material Raw Copper
Voltage 12V
Socket Type Listed JC Bi-Pin (E230758)
Bulb Type JC Bi-Pin Cluster
Power Rating 50w Max
Mounting Ground / Surface
Fixture Weight 2.12 lbs.



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