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12V/120V LED Outdoor Cast Brass Up Light Fixture, Bulb Included, Bronze Finish, No Splice Connection NSC - OSFL-2105

3.00 LBS
$39.01 OFF
Fixture Quantity required
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# of 30FT Jumpers required
# of 3FT Power Connectors required
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# of 30FT Power Connectors required
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Note: For longer runs, some applications may experience Voltage Drop. Click to learn more.

N.S.C. System Connection Example

Our low voltage outdoor spotlight features our unique NSC (No Splice Connection) Wiring System. With the NSC System, you can ditch the wiring tools and you'll be able to set up your lighting project fast and easy. Designed with Cast Brass materials, this exterior LED spotlight is designed to last for many years without experiencing corrosion or rust. This fixture comes complete with a Warm White LED bulb and an in ground mounting stake, making it ready to use!

N.S.C. Retrofit Adapter Diagram

NSC Retrofit Wiring Diagram

To retrofit this fixture to your existing lighting setup, simply use our retrofit adapter (available as additional option) and you can easily connect your new fixture without splicing any wires, saving you a lot of time during installation!

Cast Brass Exterior Yard Lighting with Angled Shield

High Grade Exterior Yard Lighting

  • Highly durable with a sleek look, this spotlight is designed to withstand the elements.
  • Designed with a glare shield, this makes the light output easier on the eyes without affecting your lighting.
  • Light up trees or landscapes with ease.
Energy Efficient MR16 LED Bulb

LED Warm White Bulb Included

  • An LED Warm White MR16 Bulb is included with this fixture.
  • LED Bulbs uses approximately 80% less energy and last much longer than incandescent lighting, saving you money on bulb replacements and energy costs.
No Splice Connection Wiring System Logo

NSC Wiring System

  • Each point of contact is tool-free, watertight, and can be connected in ~5 seconds.
  • This type of wiring system reduces time and labor when installing or performing maintenance on your lighting system.
  • The system is also easily expandable, allowing you to change your lighting project in minutes.


  • 1x Cast Brass NSC Fixture
  • 1x NSC In Ground Mounting Stake
  • 1x Warm White 2700K - 3000K LED Bulb


One Year limited warranty against defects in construction.

Material Cast Brass
Voltage 12V
Socket Type JC Bi-Pin
Power Rating 50w Max
Mounting Ground / Surface

Dimensions Diagram

Bronze Uplight Dimensions Diagram

Intro to NSC (No Splice Connection) Systems

Brass versus Aluminum

Brass Landscape NSC Lighting System

How to Use The No Splice Connection (NSC) System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Heavy Cast Brass Up Light Fixture

Can you use a 12" flex stem with this fixture?

Yes it could be but would be expensive time wise we would have to swap out the socket.

How exactly does the glare shield make it easier on the eyes without effecting the overall light output?

You don't get any bulb glare from the side or behind of the unit because of the shroud being tapered will hide the bulb glare.

Can this fixture be installed using a wall or tree mount?

Yes this fixture can certainly be used with a PSB1 surface mount or tree mount.

Can this fixture be used as a down-light as well as an up-light?

Yes, both! Typically an up-light fixture is sealed water-tight specific to the 'up-light' position however, the PSLT2105 is sealed for both directions allowing you to use the light as an up-light and a down-light.

Are these fixture's offered as a limited item or a permanent addition?

Yes this is limited

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