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Bronze Finish Glare Shield Helps Focus Light and Protect LEDs

12V 6w Cast Brass Glare Shield Cover Integrated Submersible LED Pond Lights

5.00 LBS
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Featuring a heavy duty cast brass glare shield cover available in a variety of high grade finishes, this versatile submersible floodlight uses integrated LED that is perfect for illuminating fountains, ponds, waterfalls and more. Crafted from solid cast brass, this underwater fountain light uses an integrated LED panel, that only draws 6 watts of energy to create beautiful warm white lighting. The angle shield not only creates great accent lighting but it also helps to protect the bulb housing from debris. The main housing is attached to an adjustable aiming bracket, allowing you to control the angle of the light output. With the new OPTICswap lens system, the beam spread can be adjusted from a tight spotlight to a wide flood.
No Splice Connection Wiring System Logo No Splice Connection Wiring System
Utilizing the N.S.C. wiring system, you no longer need to splice your pond LED lighting to create watertight connections, cutting installation times significantly. Each point of contact is tool-free, watertight and can be connected in ~5 seconds. This wiring system will save you a ton of time and labor and offers the ability to service your submersible fountain lights in seconds without removing the entire system. Also, should you desire more light fixtures in the future, the system is easily expandable.
Material Cast Brass
Voltage 12V AC / DC
Socket Type N/A
Bulb Type Integrated LED
Power Draw 6w Max
Light Output 500 Lumens
Color Temperature Warm White 2700K
Beam Spread 35° / 60°
Dimming Capacity Full Range
Cable Lead 1' w/ NSC Male Connection
Dimensions See Image Below

Dimensions Diagram:


This unit is an NSC light fixture, which means that it offers the same benefits as commercial grade lighting, but without the need for hard wiring. The NSC system uses a water-tight 2-pin connection, each of which is IP68 rated—to ensure wiring is protected and the polarity is consistent.

For more info, please view our NSC article:

The most common cause of damage in submersible pond & fountain lights are due to user error during installation. Therefore, it's crucial to choose high quality submersible lights that offer multiple safeguards and a strong build construction to maximize the fixture's longevity.

For more info, please view our leak prevention guide:


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